Christmas Caroling Away

Preschoolers Holiday Sing-A-longs, cookie decorating parties, mother daughter teas, Christmas caroling, cookie baking, cookbook making. Christmas piano recitals, Classroom Holiday parties. You name it- in the past 72 hours, we’ve done it.

Britton told me she was “chosen” to be a lead Christmas Caroler at this afternoon’s party. I even caught her practicing jingle bells. Such fun.

My snaggle tooth/fashion diva.

Daddy regretted a dove hunt to spend time with his favorite ladies this afternoon. That, and I told him he needed to spend time with his favorite ladies this afternoon.

Spiced cider is yummy I found out today.

Kenley and some of her favorite friends- a glimpse into the future and I smell cigarettes and beer. Please say I am wrong.

Charlie Conn is coming to town….

My favorite girls in our most favorite recent skirts.

Ramsay and B… Britton’s first friend as a baby.

My friend Amy will be having baby boy Pace before too long. After Tots, she is batter up.

Doing some serious cookie decorating. 4 layers of icing is a beautiful thing.

Kenley had a brithday party Friday afternoon, so B and I got to spend some quality time. We snapped peas, backed chocholate peanut butter chip cookies, made blue play dough, watched Nanny McPhee Returns, wrapped Christmas presents, built a fire, and enjoyed every minute of it. Britton later told me, “it was the best day of her life. Even better than Disney World.”


 Britton snapping peas.. No, she still wouldn’t eat that at dinner that night. But at least I tried.

Pin the tail on Rudolph at her 2nd grade Christmas party.

Tree decor-ing it. Loveliest yet.

Kenley’s preschool sing-a-long. The girls sat there singing each and every word while the little boys squirmed in their seats and yelled at each other across the stage. God knew what he was doing when He gave me girls.

We passed this on our way home tonight- at a local Baptist church/school. Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Speaking of Mangers, my sister was hoping to check into the hospital tonight to begin her induction, but alas, no room at the Inn. Better luck tomorrow.

Only in the south.

The girl likes homemade play dough. What can I say.

 I do love a pretty profile. I have profile envy I suppose.

They tasted much better than they look. Forget chocolate, give me peanut butter any day.

What to do when the mantle lights go out? Seriously? All my crap ornaments are on top.

Sweet Aunt Britty waddled out in the cold rain to watch Britton’s 2nd piano recital. It took place at the local University’s Music Hall which was named after my grandfather. It was pretty cool. I remember going there in the late 80’s for the naming ceremony.

Blurry photo, this shutter speed stuff has been stumped. Big time. The shutter speed- not the belly.

Britton performed first- she was soo nervous but nailed it, as I knew she would.

Her teacher Hristro, is the cute one with the tie. Duh.

Annual Mother Daughter tea yesterday.

Oh to be a second grader again….

Next post… Allie Boone Jacobs.