Fa La La La La

‘Tis the season for friends and christmas decor. Thank goodness Pandora plays Christmas music because I sure cannot find a local radio station that does.

Angela with baby #3- the baby that doesn’t cry.

La la la laToya.

Danya and Jesya.

Girls night.

Holiday supper in the dining room. Maybe the 10th time in 5 years we have eaten in this room. Need to use it more often, not just for ‘special occassions’.

A Christmas cookbook for Coco with special handwritten messags inside.

Another homemade bouquet o’ pine needles, berries, and $.99 Michael’s glitter decor. Whatever’s clever.

“Lou”- our Elf On the Shelf. Literally.

Our homemade Jesse Tree that the girls love. Started this Advent tradition last year- you can find lots of information and downloadable ornaments online.

My Godmother started giving me a piece of Spode Christmas China every Christmas so when I got married I almost had a complete setting. Love it. I now do the same thing for my Goddaughter.