Fa La La La la’ing- Take 2

Another day. Another party.

The girls hung out with “the big guy” known as St. Nick yesterday. The Christmas season, and freezing weather, is upon us.

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Exactly 3 years ago this month, my cousin Katie painted with oil, a beautiful portrait of B. Britton was 4 years old. Well, little bit is now 4, and time for her portrait. Our first attempt at photos for the portrait.

Kenley portrait (1 of 1)

No holiday season is complete without some cookie decorating… with extra icing.

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And a DeeDee.

deborah kenley (1 of 1)

I love that my girls Believe. An Elf that can fly, fairies that swap out earrings, take excess Halloween candy off our front porch, exchange money for lost teeth, bunnies that bring them eggs and toys, a man with a Beard that makes all their ‘toy dreams’ come true. And that 40 is old.

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Britton’s first Karoke birthday party. She told me once we arrived in her disco themed sequined cocktail dress that she thought it was, “too much”. Her words, not mine. Personally, I thought she was perfect.

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And tonight. Oh tonight we celebrated our last week of school in 2010 with a very long letter to Santa Claus.

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Little did I know that the letter writing would be a forty minute production. Kenley wouldn’t mail her until she listed all 13 items she wants. Luckily, some coincided with with Santa has packed in his sleigh already. Whew.

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Christmas2010 050

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