Full Bellies and Happy Hearts- Christmas 2010

And unto us a child is born….

Gifts are unwrapped, fire is roaring, temperature dropping, strep throat dissipating, and tiny white lights a flickering… I am trying to squeeze the last bit of Christmas out while I still can.  My eyes tired, body relaxed, but before we pack up “Lou” and turn out the lights, there is still popcorn to make and Christmas movies to watch.

It was a good day.

And she meets chocolate milk. With Marshmallows.

Poor Britty started complaining of a sore throat, followed by a 102.2 fever- which turned into throw up on Christmas Eve morning. Turns out she had strep throat. One walk in clinic and 4 doses of antibiotics later, she is getting up to snuff. I can always tell she is sick just by looking at her eyes.

I will miss walking out to the mailbox every day to find these….

Remembered to monogram the girls stockings this year- Britton asked me how Santa would know whose stocking is whose– well now he will.

Parents awoke before sick children in our home this morning. We got casseroles in the oven, coffee brewing, and video cameras in hand- while we sat in the living room waiting for the pitter patter of our little girls. And we sat. 8:00 am rolls around and they arose!

Not sure why I took a picture of this ornament.. other than it caught me off guard how much younger we look 11 years ago, than today. Not a drastic difference, but definitely can tell the ornament was from a time ago.  Before college degrees, weddings and babies.

Britton is getting pretty darn good at honing her photography skills.

Nana knows how our bookworm girl likes horses. 7 is such a fun age- Britton is so genuinely apprecitative for her gifts. She won’t finish unwrapping before she goes in for the hug. Unlike her little counterpart who quickly puts it in her designated space, and then makes a quick dash back to the tree to find another present with a tag that reads, “Kenley”.

She loves her Uncle Casey.

Christmas Eve with Nana, Gan and Uncle Casey.

Gan surprised Nana with a trip to.. Costa Rica!!

Santa’s Nintendo DSis were a huge hit today. Parents, if you ever want to buy yourself 4+ hours of silence for your children ages 4 and over– highly recommend. ‘Nuf said.


Daddy laughed and said, “I don’t know who is more excited about my new iPad, me or you?”

This pretty much sums up the day, post gifts.  Tomorrow, it’s back to reality with not on restriction of Mama’s calories (which isn’t saying a whole lot based on the last week), but also restrictions with our video times.

The essence of Kenley. Food, Pooch, Chill, Accessories.

Not sure who enjoyed Nana and Gan’s Disney Wii Sing Along game – but judging by today’s performances, I would say this guy.

Singing Alladin’s A Whole New World.

 Singing is some hard stuff… for real.

My mini-me.  Jeanne’s sister knitted the most beautiful creme button down sweaters for each girl. They are amazing! Photos to follow- especially with this winter freeze blowing in.

This year, I noticed Britton got a lot of joy from watching others enjoy their gifts from her.  I took the girls to the store on Black Friday- yes I am crazy- and they picked out jewelry for Nana, Sassy and Aunt Britty. Surprisingly, each piece represented the personalities well. Such flair.

Kenley and her Pops… gratitude.

Great Grandma Kay sent clothes for the American Girl dolls — how thoughtful! After Britton’s birthday experience at the American Girl Doll Store for her birthday in July, she finally gets her doll, Julie. We got to use Aunt Shea’s birthday present as well- thank you!

Pops asked B to read today’s prayer from his book.  Bookworms make good readers.

The amazing crib Pops is making for Allie Boone. He has spent countless hours, and months pouring his energy into this beautiful piece.

Aunt Muffy made a special trip to see her Godchild on Christmas… Aunt Muffy’s are the best.

Introducing Aunt Muffy to our new best friend, the DSI.

My mom painted these photos of her poodles— how freaking cool is that! They capture each girls personality and look.

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a snuggle from this bug a boo.


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