Goodbye 2010.. and a Happy Birthday to you little Blog

2010, you’ve been good to us. Thank you.

We’ve gone from 1st grade to 2nd- lost 5 teeth… fallen off a horse, and gotten back on.

We’ve had MRSA three times, a GI virus, XRays, EKGs, ultrasounds, eye exams, hearing exams, CT Scans, Strep, and we are healthy.

We are now ballerinas with much more confidence in 2010.

We end this year with more seasonable sunshine and 70 degree temperatures, and much wind to bring 2011 to us.

We have a little hole and a long scar reminding us each and every day what is most important in life.

We have said goodbye to dear old friends, looked to heaven to tell them hello, packed away shoes that we have long outgrown…   We have new found interests, new games, new technology, new teachers, new friends, new hobbies, and new threads….

And new life….

And a quick Happy Birthday to this little blog- that helps a busy mom to remember each and every day of this crazy life, as it rolls by quicker and quicker. Four years ago this week, I created a bloger account and launched this website, primarily for prosperity, with my first post, and with my pretty book now proudly displayed in my bookcases, surely I will not forget all the lessons I am learning along the way of this journey called life.

Welcome 2011- we cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!