More Annual Merriment

Give a girl a rake and you’ve you a full-on-afternoon activity o’ fun!
Throw in a bow and arrow and you may need to turn on the floodlights you will be outside so long…

Tonight, we had our inaugural Webbersteiner dinner with all the webblets and robinson girls… Chili, cornbread, salad, chicken fingers, sliced grapes, gingerbread houses and petit fores… Yum.

I do so enjoy a nice tablescape… ’tis the season.

Sutton with his nephew Fulton (6 months) and son Bracken (13 months)

Had to try out my new Bernina ruffle foot by whipping out this Christmas tree T-shirt with ruffle for my big girl this afternoon. Love the shirt, REALLY love the model, but not so crazy about the #16 foot. May need to head back to Bernina this week so they can show me what my new foot can really do.

Butt cracks are cute on a 4 year old booty.

Little Collins….

Little Michael…

2 weeks to go….

Sassy resting after helping Gayle prepare a family feast.

Mom’s long time and dear friend’s- “Gaga”‘s grandbabies. BOYS.

One day I will get better at taking photos that aren’t so posed. Obviously, SMILE doesn’t work so well anymore.