Turkey Leftovers

I have been overwhelmed this week by.. laundry. The blasted stuff fills up our many wicker baskets, as soon as I get the stuff washed, dried and folded. These cute little people I live with go through PJs, underwear, school uniforms and play clothes a LOT. And with my handsome hubster working out every day after work, gives the laundry that extra umph to get it done and not let it lay around for days.  Haven’t picked up my camera all week long, but that’s okay because the laundry is finally DONE.

And “Lou” is watching these girls ever so closely. Speaking of watching with eyes, Britton went to the opthomologist yesterday and apparently is having trouble tracking with her left eye. When the doctor asked her to follow the tip of his pen, only one eye could follow it when it got close to her face. 

So…. this means we will be ordering a computer CD and doing eye “exercises” for 7 minutes after night. This will be done after we do our daily homework, spelling, piano practice and speech therapy. Man, it really is tough being in second grade.

So along with leftover turkey, you get leftover Thanksgiving photos. Which I just really never made it here.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 028

SBJ Baby Shower#3 056SBJ Baby Shower#3 050

The Brittons at Thanksgiving 2010.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 038

Uncle Matty getting ready for his baby girl to arrive. Question is, will Jorge- their Cocker, be ready?

SBJ Baby Shower#3 039SBJ Baby Shower#3 040

While we may have been wearing tank tops at Thanksgiving- the cold weather is finally arriving to our little part of the southeast. It was 77 degrees today, and will be 30 degrees when we awaken in the morning… so they say.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 049SBJ Baby Shower#3 046

36 1/2 weeks….

SBJ Baby Shower#3 031

Thanksgiving…. posing for the 2010 Christmas card.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 027

Guess who JUMPED for the first time last week?!

SBJ Baby Shower#3 022

Mama put on a smile for this big event.. thank you to Beau, jr.– our junior photographer at the barn.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 021

And my sisters baby shower from last Sunday as well…. the baby isn’t here yet so I guess they aren’t technicaly tardy for the party just yet.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 015SBJ Baby Shower#3 011

I just love babyshower brunches.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 008SBJ Baby Shower#3 017

SBJ Baby Shower#3 009SBJ Baby Shower#3 007

SBJ Baby Shower#3 013

Someone got their chance to attend a baby shower for their favorite aunt.

SBJ Baby Shower#3 012