Fertile Hamsters

Thanks to Britton’s classmate, A, all she has talked about since she woke up is getting a hamster.


She spent the night with Sassy and Pops last night (so we could go to Reba McEntire and George Strait concert- thank you!!), and called me at 7:30 am to ask if she could get one. I could her my Mom laughing in the background, so I told B that YES, she could get a hamster IF we could keep it at Sassy and Pop’s house.


Sassy thought it was so funny to tell the story of the genie pig my sister and I had as children- “M&M” and “Jellybean”. They were lots of fun until Christmas time, when the large Christmas tree was placed in front of their cage.  And we well, accidentally forgot about ol’ M&M and Jellybean until oh… New Years.

Rest in peace.

This is the note she brought home from school today- her friend, A, gave her the down low on hamster shopping:

“Don’t get robol. Get girl. get at Pet-Smart. $16.00.
Name it Jelly
Pet smart is by Home Depot.
Age – young
Should be young! Be fertel!!!!
Get cage separate with tube.
Get brown with black stripe in the middle
Get the Winler.

If I have to hear about this damn hamster one more day, I am going to have nightmares.

We made the most of our sick day this week with printable worksheets from a website, learning how to use the abacus, and coloring.

 Sassy treated ABJ and SBKJ and myself to our first luncheon, outside- germ free- this week.

Kenley’s choice for Friday Family Fun Night– sing along Wii. The child is quite competitive, getting visibly upset when Daddy scored 5 stars for his rendition of the Lion King versus her two star performance for 101 Dalmatian’s Cruella Deville.

See, I don’t just make this stuff up.

Big Daddy can’t resist some good ol’ fashion Karaoke.

Finally, some nice weather!

Next up to bat, Valentine’s Day.

Britton has her first cheer leading game this afternoon– more to come!
Thanks to Aunt Shea for finding this new Taylor Swift song….

My third baby…


Getting Ready

With the end of January, comes the beginning of celebrations.

Valentines, Kenley’s Birthday, my birthday, 10 year anniversary, Spring Break, Britton’s birthday, 4th of July, and on and on.

Being housebound with my cooties kids today has allowed me to finally make Britton’s 8th birthday celebration on July 9th official.

Taylor Swift concert tickets were purchased today. Found a great website for purchasing tickets too, if you ever need one.  B was so very excited- we will be celebrating on her “actual” birthday with her Aunt Coco rocking out to Taylor. 

Let’s not forget the next birthday however, lil K. This year, we have begun planning a Vintage-Inspired Tea Party. So very excited is the soon to be 5 year old. Bring on the china teacups, vintage handkerchiefs, place mats, crafts, “tea”, finger sandwiches and much more.

For great party ideas, this website is fantastic!

Here’s to new shoes for the oh-so-picky fashionista in the house. Wish they came in a size 7 1/2.

Back to the laundry….

Georgia On My Mind

This weekend we got us some more strep throat. Hollar!
Yep, B has it for the second time in just four weeks. Little sister now has it as well. Buy amoxicillon stock people.  Since they were both under the weather, we loaded the girls up in the truck and headed up to Steam Mill Plantation where Mr. Robinson has a second new hunting lease for 2011-2012.  And I must say, ’tis beautiful.
The house was built in the 1800’s and has beautiful molding, hardwood floors, floating spiral staircase, leaded glass windows, multiple porches, views from every window and oozes character. What the old folks say is true- they just don’t build them like this anymore. 
The Chattahoochee River where hubby used to camp/fish as a high schooler, borders the property for miles.
Mr. Robinson said he used to look at this land and think how he wanted to hunt that land one day. Ironic.
My great grandmothers china cabinet, which sits in our dining room, has this leaded glass and I love, love, love it. View from one of the upstairs bedrooms- looking over the front porch.
Kenley, yes Kenley, wanted to climb up the deerstand to take a photo. No such luck- instead she toured the dirt roads in her Daddy’s truck with her heirloom quilt and DSi in tow. She popped a sqaut (went to the bathoom in the woods) and was NOT a fan. I thought she would be able to do a “plea” (ballet term) but unfortunately, she couldn’t squat deep enough. Only I didn’t realize this until the pee was dripping down her leg, and into her socks.
She cried out, “I do NOT like going potty in the woods!” And continued to remind me of this fact for the next 2 hours. Every several minutes, she would remind me- in case I forgot- that she does NOT like going potty in the woods.
View from Kenley’s “bathroom” at God’s house.
Celebrated a friends 40th birthday last night….
And a 10 minute picnic al fresco style yesterday… in 35 degrees.
The little eskimo.
Music to my ears.

Britton’ism… and the such


Britton visited our local Joanne’s Craft store recently and fell in love with… a pedicure set.
Oh how she wanted this pedicure set. It came with nail polish, the fancy foam flip flops, an electronic drying fan and nail stickers (think flowers, rhinestones, stars). Well wouldn’t you know it.. Sassy buys it for her. Leave it to their grandmas to spoil them rotten.

Monday night we set up nail “shop” in my bathroom. B spent a good 45 minutes painting Kenley’s toenails bright green with hot pink stripes, and a fancy flower on her big toe to pull the whole design together.

B asked me if I wanted a pedicure… You know I am not going to turn down a good pedicure!! She sat me in the bathroom chair, then asked me if I would like a magazine. Of course- the January Southern Living is still by the toilet unread.  As if I wasn’t already tickled pink enough when she asked me, “Can I get you something to drink?”

This girl is a hoot. She spent the night 40 minutes painting my toes BRIGHT GREEN. Not in a cool-for-a-33-year-old-mom to pull of that color kind of green. Bright green, hot orange polka dots, and a Dandelion sticker on both big toes. She was so proud. I will sporting my new toes until the polish wears off (lucky for me, it is boot season). Don’t worry- no photos of feet to be posted. I wouldn’t dare.

Kenley popped a lil’ Kenley’ism on me as well:

We sat at the dinner table last week as Kenley was having a random deep thought moment.

Kenley- “Britton, why do you get so many mosquito bites?
Britton -“Because I am really sweet.”
Kenley- “I am sweet and I don’t get any bug bites. I only get ZITS (referring to the pimple on her fanny at the time).

The best conversations are those where I just listen, and say nothing.
Often times, the best conversations we have with anyone, are those when we do a lot less talking, and a lot more listening.

On the way to church Sunday, I was listening to 91.9 and heard the best saying.

JUSTICE is getting what you deserve.
MERCY is not getting what you deserve.
GRACE is getting what you don’t deserve.


My BFF MHH (yes, I still use this 80’s coined term) is in the running for a free photo IF you vote for #11, her wedding photo at her wedding photographer’s blog, Kay Meyer. Vote away!


Ahh, I remember why I continue to update this blog that nobody hardly reads but myself. I have a tangible reminder. It’s my blogbook yearbook. My 2010 printed blog book was over 300 pages of photographs, stories, and reminders. My mom had it printed here. Reminders of our life over the past year– it’s the coolest thing. It’s like a high school yearbook, only it’s my life. My children growing up from page 1 to page 309. Everything there for prosperity- and it’s freaking cool to thumb through. For anyone that doesn’t feel the need to keep up a blog- trust me, once you print it, you- and your children- will be glad you took the time to do it. If my house were to, God forbid, catch on fire one day. The first thing I would grab would be my children and animals, then my blog books and DVDs of my Dad. That’s it, and that’ all.

Now, I have a 9 pound little person with dark hair sitting in her infant carrier on my kitchen table. In the words of Carolyn Ingles, “I best go tend to her.”

Guns and Beauty Parlors

M.L to the K Day weekend is shapin’ up to be fun. Art Galleries, new hair do’s, Mexican and margaritas, ponies, shotguns and exploding glass.

We went to a local gallery to see Mary Proctor’s works with some of our oldest and dearest friends- the Jones clan. They were our across-the-street-neighbors on Carriage Road growing up. Their three daughters, raised my sister and me. Sara Britton named her little girl after Allison- pictured below.

They are more fun than they are beautiful- if you can believe it. When they suggested Mexican food after the gallery, we said ‘why not’. Well honey, let me tell you. When Lucki (the queen bee) says Mexican, she really means Margaritas. These girls are such a hoot.

Exchanging stories from years past drum up smiles, shock and laughter.

Mmmmm… Mexican on a cold, sunny, January Saturday afternoon. I figured if my Mom is drinking in the middle of the day, than certainly its okay for me to as well. Right?

We had three generations of the Jones’ at lunch… Mumsy, the 96 year old grandmother, Lucki the daugther, and Gigi and Allison, the granddaughters. The great granddaughter, Lucki jr., was babysitting Allie Boone at home. Let me tell you, it’s a sad day when a 96 year old and 75 year old can out drink you.

I think the ‘seasoned ladies’ had to go home and sleep it off by the time we left. Poor Mumsy couldn’t hardy walk out of the restaurant. She is such a great sport. I told my Mom to get ready, when she is 96 we will be dragging her to the mall and for drinks every day- and she will be along for the ride. I can only hope she is as cool as Mumsy. I have a feeling Sassy will be up for the challenge. We will tell her we are going to New Leaf then take her for vodka tonics instead.

Britty got banged. Yep, she has been wanting them and she had some wispy pieces doing something funky- so a trip to a local ‘kids boutique salon’ and.. voila, a solution. Bangs.

And this would be the shock I was referring to. My mom made me promise her that I would not disclose what she shared, about her past, to put this look of bewilderment on my little sister’s face– but the eyes tell it all.
Still laughing.

Dee-Dee confessed a spring break story of years past. Again, I would LOVE  to mention the co-star of the story but have been sworn to secrecy. Allison’s face can tell you though. Ha ha.

These are the beautiful hand-knit matching creme sweaters that the girls received from Jeanne’s sister in Florida. Beautiful!

The birds can go ice skating on their fountain.

Kens is also sporting a new cut- short bob that is stacked in back. Best cut she has had in a long time.

After church today, we drove north to the next state to ride ponies Western style.
I told my friend Andrea that B rides “eastern”– woops, it’s English. Eastern– English… whateva. Like I said, I was never into horses.

That’s little 3 year old Ruby leading K on her pony, “Cookie Monster”.

And mini Andrea.. Lilli with her 25 year old pony “Bella”. Got to love her John Deere pink boots!

Me with a gun makes the husband proud. Don’t let the fingernail polish and diamond earrings fool you. I had no idea what I was doing, and am pretty sure I will have a bruise on my shoulder from the “kick” that shotgun gave me. But it was worth it.

This boy can shoot. Wow- I see his time in the woods has paid off.

And that would be Britton pushing the remote button for the skeet thrower. Weezer has a good shot too!
And the camo jacket to prove it.

Some pretty land, they do have.

The way home from the farm was nice. Husband and I were holding hands, listening to great music on his satellite radio, 4 wheeler in the bed of his truck. He actually looks and me and says, “this has been such a fun day. I just love you.”

Even if you’re having fun, I have learned it’s best to say what a fun day it has been after you get to your destination. 5 minutes later he hears something in the back, so pulls over to check the 4 wheeler. All looks good, toy strapped in safely, so we proceed to get back onto the highway when WHAM… the middle glass window of his truck- where my little girls are sitting in their booster seats- explodes. The 4 wheeler came unhooked on one side, and flew forward busting open the middle window. Luckily, aside from the scare, no one was hurt. The girls had not one piece of glass on them as they were each sitting by the window and not in the middle- but Mr. Robinson is upset not only that the accident happened, but he is on the iPad as I type reazlizing what it costs to replace a rear window in an F150. I kindly remind him that it was an accident and a medical bill could have much worse… Whew. Boys and toys, what to do.

It’s now 9:54 pm and there are two little girls sleeping soundly in B’s new bed. They are sisters, can you tell?