Britton’ism… and the such


Britton visited our local Joanne’s Craft store recently and fell in love with… a pedicure set.
Oh how she wanted this pedicure set. It came with nail polish, the fancy foam flip flops, an electronic drying fan and nail stickers (think flowers, rhinestones, stars). Well wouldn’t you know it.. Sassy buys it for her. Leave it to their grandmas to spoil them rotten.

Monday night we set up nail “shop” in my bathroom. B spent a good 45 minutes painting Kenley’s toenails bright green with hot pink stripes, and a fancy flower on her big toe to pull the whole design together.

B asked me if I wanted a pedicure… You know I am not going to turn down a good pedicure!! She sat me in the bathroom chair, then asked me if I would like a magazine. Of course- the January Southern Living is still by the toilet unread.  As if I wasn’t already tickled pink enough when she asked me, “Can I get you something to drink?”

This girl is a hoot. She spent the night 40 minutes painting my toes BRIGHT GREEN. Not in a cool-for-a-33-year-old-mom to pull of that color kind of green. Bright green, hot orange polka dots, and a Dandelion sticker on both big toes. She was so proud. I will sporting my new toes until the polish wears off (lucky for me, it is boot season). Don’t worry- no photos of feet to be posted. I wouldn’t dare.

Kenley popped a lil’ Kenley’ism on me as well:

We sat at the dinner table last week as Kenley was having a random deep thought moment.

Kenley- “Britton, why do you get so many mosquito bites?
Britton -“Because I am really sweet.”
Kenley- “I am sweet and I don’t get any bug bites. I only get ZITS (referring to the pimple on her fanny at the time).

The best conversations are those where I just listen, and say nothing.
Often times, the best conversations we have with anyone, are those when we do a lot less talking, and a lot more listening.

On the way to church Sunday, I was listening to 91.9 and heard the best saying.

JUSTICE is getting what you deserve.
MERCY is not getting what you deserve.
GRACE is getting what you don’t deserve.


My BFF MHH (yes, I still use this 80’s coined term) is in the running for a free photo IF you vote for #11, her wedding photo at her wedding photographer’s blog, Kay Meyer. Vote away!


Ahh, I remember why I continue to update this blog that nobody hardly reads but myself. I have a tangible reminder. It’s my blogbook yearbook. My 2010 printed blog book was over 300 pages of photographs, stories, and reminders. My mom had it printed here. Reminders of our life over the past year– it’s the coolest thing. It’s like a high school yearbook, only it’s my life. My children growing up from page 1 to page 309. Everything there for prosperity- and it’s freaking cool to thumb through. For anyone that doesn’t feel the need to keep up a blog- trust me, once you print it, you- and your children- will be glad you took the time to do it. If my house were to, God forbid, catch on fire one day. The first thing I would grab would be my children and animals, then my blog books and DVDs of my Dad. That’s it, and that’ all.

Now, I have a 9 pound little person with dark hair sitting in her infant carrier on my kitchen table. In the words of Carolyn Ingles, “I best go tend to her.”


Lovely comments

  1. 2' says

    Garrett! I stumbled on your blog (MHH gave it to me a while back, i think!) and I love it, its great! Hope you dont mind me popping in now and then. I have been blgoging for a few yrs myself and its the best thing I decided to do! I agree with you totally!Even if I’m the only one who reads, ha! I am about to print my 3rd annual “book” from the same website you used. Waiting for them to put out a coupon code, ha!

  2. 3' says

    Okay, I do read your blog and happen to love it!! You are so talented with your photography skills and your writing. Would love to see your blog books that you have had printed!!