It’s freaking cold in the south. Dang.

With the cold weather, we have been hunkered down in the house more than usual.

I’ve been a mean, lean, reading machine lately – thanks to my Kindle.
Recent reads include BabyProof by Emily Giffin The Art of Dancing in the Rain by Garth Stein, and I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg.  Thus far, Garth’s book is the best as it is told through the eyes of a dog. Makes me look at my hoochie mama in a whole new light.

As promised, this afternoon I took ‘maternity’ photos of a girlfriend- some of them turned out really cool. I best not post them just yet, since she hasn’t seen them yet- but my photographer friend Whitney is right, ‘lightening is everything’.

The is the remaining 1/2 cord of wood that was delivered 4 weeks ago. We have been some fire making fools.

More leaves left to fall, and blow, and bag, and leave at the curb.
Who am I kidding? When Quint, our so-nice-lawn care-man blows and mows each month, that is the extent of our participation in fallen leave removal.

Hence, the many leaves on our back patio.

Yep, when it’s 35 degrees outside all Mom’s get a free pass to plug children into their iPads- guilt free.

4 weeks and counting… 2/11/11 baby boy #3 should be making a debut.

Excited to have found this leather pin we bought in Laguna this summer… the little things that are exciting.

Getting ready to gear up for their 5th birthday.

Obviously I have hit an all time low cold point taking photos of the front stained-glass door of our home.

 But I have to admit, it is kind of cool. The cool weather that is. Lots of sweaters, ear muffs (Britton has me on a hunt for children’s ear muffs which are surprisingly hard to find), new school jackets (again, hard to find her size in NAVY BLUE in the middle of winter), fires, cider, North Face fleece, hot coffee in the mornings and afternoons, doggie sweaters, the winter bathrobes, Mr. Robinson’s long PJ pants, dark nail polish, good hair days, stocking, Ughs, and corduroys. Yum!