Fertile Hamsters

Thanks to Britton’s classmate, A, all she has talked about since she woke up is getting a hamster.


She spent the night with Sassy and Pops last night (so we could go to Reba McEntire and George Strait concert- thank you!!), and called me at 7:30 am to ask if she could get one. I could her my Mom laughing in the background, so I told B that YES, she could get a hamster IF we could keep it at Sassy and Pop’s house.


Sassy thought it was so funny to tell the story of the genie pig my sister and I had as children- “M&M” and “Jellybean”. They were lots of fun until Christmas time, when the large Christmas tree was placed in front of their cage.  And we well, accidentally forgot about ol’ M&M and Jellybean until oh… New Years.

Rest in peace.

This is the note she brought home from school today- her friend, A, gave her the down low on hamster shopping:

“Don’t get robol. Get girl. get at Pet-Smart. $16.00.
Name it Jelly
Pet smart is by Home Depot.
Age – young
Should be young! Be fertel!!!!
Get cage separate with tube.
Get brown with black stripe in the middle
Get the Winler.

If I have to hear about this damn hamster one more day, I am going to have nightmares.

We made the most of our sick day this week with printable worksheets from a website, learning how to use the abacus, and coloring.

 Sassy treated ABJ and SBKJ and myself to our first luncheon, outside- germ free- this week.

Kenley’s choice for Friday Family Fun Night– sing along Wii. The child is quite competitive, getting visibly upset when Daddy scored 5 stars for his rendition of the Lion King versus her two star performance for 101 Dalmatian’s Cruella Deville.

See, I don’t just make this stuff up.

Big Daddy can’t resist some good ol’ fashion Karaoke.

Finally, some nice weather!

Next up to bat, Valentine’s Day.

Britton has her first cheer leading game this afternoon– more to come!
Thanks to Aunt Shea for finding this new Taylor Swift song….

My third baby…