Georgia On My Mind

This weekend we got us some more strep throat. Hollar!
Yep, B has it for the second time in just four weeks. Little sister now has it as well. Buy amoxicillon stock people.  Since they were both under the weather, we loaded the girls up in the truck and headed up to Steam Mill Plantation where Mr. Robinson has a second new hunting lease for 2011-2012.  And I must say, ’tis beautiful.
The house was built in the 1800’s and has beautiful molding, hardwood floors, floating spiral staircase, leaded glass windows, multiple porches, views from every window and oozes character. What the old folks say is true- they just don’t build them like this anymore. 
The Chattahoochee River where hubby used to camp/fish as a high schooler, borders the property for miles.
Mr. Robinson said he used to look at this land and think how he wanted to hunt that land one day. Ironic.
My great grandmothers china cabinet, which sits in our dining room, has this leaded glass and I love, love, love it. View from one of the upstairs bedrooms- looking over the front porch.
Kenley, yes Kenley, wanted to climb up the deerstand to take a photo. No such luck- instead she toured the dirt roads in her Daddy’s truck with her heirloom quilt and DSi in tow. She popped a sqaut (went to the bathoom in the woods) and was NOT a fan. I thought she would be able to do a “plea” (ballet term) but unfortunately, she couldn’t squat deep enough. Only I didn’t realize this until the pee was dripping down her leg, and into her socks.
She cried out, “I do NOT like going potty in the woods!” And continued to remind me of this fact for the next 2 hours. Every several minutes, she would remind me- in case I forgot- that she does NOT like going potty in the woods.
View from Kenley’s “bathroom” at God’s house.
Celebrated a friends 40th birthday last night….
And a 10 minute picnic al fresco style yesterday… in 35 degrees.
The little eskimo.
Music to my ears.