Getting Ready

With the end of January, comes the beginning of celebrations.

Valentines, Kenley’s Birthday, my birthday, 10 year anniversary, Spring Break, Britton’s birthday, 4th of July, and on and on.

Being housebound with my cooties kids today has allowed me to finally make Britton’s 8th birthday celebration on July 9th official.

Taylor Swift concert tickets were purchased today. Found a great website for purchasing tickets too, if you ever need one.  B was so very excited- we will be celebrating on her “actual” birthday with her Aunt Coco rocking out to Taylor. 

Let’s not forget the next birthday however, lil K. This year, we have begun planning a Vintage-Inspired Tea Party. So very excited is the soon to be 5 year old. Bring on the china teacups, vintage handkerchiefs, place mats, crafts, “tea”, finger sandwiches and much more.

For great party ideas, this website is fantastic!

Here’s to new shoes for the oh-so-picky fashionista in the house. Wish they came in a size 7 1/2.

Back to the laundry….