My (yes, my) Baby Girl

Looky, looky who I got today…. at my very own house, with my very own niece, with the rain pouring outside our windows.

allie (1 of 1)

Mary is now helping to raise the 3rd Robinson girl.. I know, I know.. technically her Allie Boone’s last name isn’t Robinson— but go with it. She is such a sweet baby- in fact, the only time I have heard her cry was when she was born. And even then she hesitated long enough to give her Sassy and Auntie G a brief scare. I keep hoping that she will hold out, and then be a rebellious teenager. Just when her Mama thinks she is an angel. Wait, did I just say that outloud?  Check out Poochie Mama- she, too, thought she was  baby. Just because I dress her, hold her, and feed her- doesn’t make her a baby. I’ve tried to tell her she’s a puppy.

mary2- (1 of 1)

mary (1 of 1)

She was very mild mannered during her “photo session” this afternoon. A first- my sister picked up my children, while I babysat her daughter.

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With all the germs that have been lingering in our household since Christmas, today was the first time my children have seen their first, and only, cousin since the hospital.  A nice mid-week surprise.

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