So, I am trying to tweak this dang thing. With blogger updates, new templates, fonts, it’s hard to keep things straight. I have managed to finagle the layout of the blog- and am to tired to mess with it. So for now, the big photos will have to ‘run off the road’ over the sides of the screen for now.

On the way home from preschool pickup last week, I had a long, deep discussion with my 4 year old. It went a little something like this.

Me- ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Kenley- “A dentist. And my office will be in your house”.
Me “why do you want to be a dentist?”
K- Because they know all about teeth.
Me- Who is the President of the US?
K- George Washington
Me- What makes you happy?
K- When I see Poochie and my best friends.

It is wet, cold and quite “nipply”. We are burning through our firewood at a rapid pace.
Britton started learning cursive today.

We also had our first dinner table standoff. We tell Britton to eat her 3 carrots and tiny portion of organic venison sloppy joe (love my new Southern Living Cookbook from Amazon)- and she says she isn’t hungry.

I then get her lunch box out of her back pack only to find her entire uneaten sandwich, uneaten pickle, uneaten fruit wrap, and uneaten applesauce.  Did I mention that she decided she didn’t want french toast sticks this morning- so I gave her a second breakfast which she also did not eat. I am not sure which bugs me more, the not eating or the wastefulness.

I am proud to report, that it is 30-love, post standoff. Mommy gets a point. I don’t know tennis terms but I remember something about love = 0. At any rate, she ate her three measly carrots and got a big high five from her finally-not-nagging-mama. Lordy- this parenting stuff is freakin’ hard.

Before this southern storm freezing cold weather got here, we made it to the park for a good 15 minute play before the sun went down. We hadn’t been there in months- just like old times.

Only now they can make it across the monkey bars without help OR fear.

And climb onto things that were too high just a short time ago.

Aunt Britty and “Fat Ass” Allie Boone made it to Meme’s last week. Somehow, that baby manages to get cuter and cuter.

Gone are the days of napping. We are lucky to get the rare days of “rest time”. Stuffed animals make for a good audience. I bet they eat their dinner.

Aunt Dee Dee made some stylish infant knit embellished Ughs.

A girl and her toys.

Another playground, another friend. Wouldn’t you love to know what they were talking about while they swung peacefully next to one another….

I hear lots of water and laughing coming from the bathroom- I better go check things out before I have water coming out the hallway.