Catch up.. Not Ketchup

Been a little distracted this week… so today it’s catch up.

Here we go….

Monday K pretended to be a big sister.

As did Poochie. She didn’t like being a big sister so much.

On Monday, I also finished one of my favorite spring skirts for B. Whether or not she will wear it, who knows. But hey, sewing is my addiction- what can I say.

Later in the day, K got to hold a real baby girl.
This little sister loved it.

Aunt Britty and Allie Boone packed their bags and spent all of Monday with us… AB hung in the front yard listening to the geese on the lake.

And gave me that, “what you talkin’ bout Willis?” eye.
Whatever. Talk to my hand.

TUESDAY:My favorite baby boy came to see me with his mama/my best friend. Now a Georgian family, they have promised to continue to visit often. We will also be seeing them in July for the Taylor Swift concert.

And… look who has become mobile since I saw him last…

Tending to the preparations for Kenley’s vintage-inspired tea party birthday one week from today. Lawdy, now I know why we did it at Zoinks last year. This be a lot o’ work… But, hey- what else am I to do?

Love this collection of paper I bought at Michaels… it says vintage. I heard it.

Preparing the crafts for the girls….

And the details too….

It was so gorgeous today, with clear blue skies, low humidity, bright sunshine and a light wind.. that before I knew it we were driving to the local nursery in search of.. FLOWERS.

I know we will likely get another hard freeze- all the green thumbs tell me to wait until April to plant flowers in our region, but sometimes a girl just can’t help herself. 

As a little girl, I remember riding in the red wagon all over the very same nursery with me Dad. It’s shady, with the sound of water and fountains around every bend, what a great way to spend a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, running clothes, and no make up.

Don’t know what these are called, but the pot on display had about three of them in the middle. Says the blooms are great for cutting and arrangements. Sold.

While a woman thinks flowers on a beautiful Saturday, a man thinks gonna wash my car!
And that he did.
With some help from the little person.

Big sister is spending the day and night, yes– her first GIRL sleepover, with her brownie troop. She is beyond excited. Mr. Robinson and I have a sitter coming for child #2 with a date night planned this evening.

Glad Sara Britton talked me into keeping this ol’ chair, and dragging it back from the curb where I had sadly left it for garbage pick up. It’s on deck for the next home maintenance project- a little spray paint and good as new.

This is how I wash the car.

And paint the toes.

The Groundhog came out and says, it’s not quite spring yet.

Why can’t her Mom have natural highlights like this?

Now I best go drag my tired fanny into my closet to find something to wear tonight….


Sunset Fishing

Perfect weather tonight for a little golf cart riding and sunset fishing…
In Cinderella dresses, no less.

We don’t take fishing lightly in this house….

My mom purchased these fairy tale sweaters for her three granddaughters at the local Market Days this fall. I can’t find the artist online, however the tags says “Fairy Tales on Parade by Judy”. My girls also have a couple of adorable sweaters that Mom got them a couple of years ago. Allie Boone has a creme colored dress with a Tinkerbell theme. The amount of work that goes into these, well- art creations as I call them, is unbelievable. Sure wish I knew how to do this.

To Britty, a horse on the back of the dress makes it “cool”.

Checking to see if we got a fish….

Kenley didn’t have any bait on her line, but we didn’t tell her– nor did she seem to mind.

Still can’t believe my baby will be 5 years old in a matter of days.
I remember bringing her home from the hospital. Taking her to the lab for jaundice blood work. Pumping in the middle of the night, while watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.  Driving to Shands every few weeks praying for better news each time.

I remember after her surgery, how she was leery of everyone. Her preschool teacher would sit her in a rocking chair, so her little friends could look but not touch.  It’s hard to believe that that same little baby has big blue happy eyes, is always in a good mood, and knows my dang phone number.

We were headed home from our hunt yesterday when Mr. Robinson’s phone rang. It was Kenley- chatting us up, asking where we were, when would be be back. A few seconds later Nana takes her MOBILE phone to see who K is talking to.. weren’t we all surprised to find that it wasn’t Nana that called us, rather Kenley.

Nana asked Kenley if she even knew what our phone number was when K responded, ‘566-8455′ with a “duh..” sound in her voice.

I was shocked. Had no idea my 4 year old knew our mobile number– much less how to dial it from her grandmother’s cell phone.

That’s what can happen in 59 months.

And in 91 months, this baby now wants to wear high heels to church and lipstick on the weekends. And just when I start to think, Is that suppose to happen? That same child asks me to tuck her in bed at night “snug as a rug”.  And I know she is still my baby. And always will be.

Quail Hunting

I had a BLAST today– no pun intended.
And don’t laugh, but I may have just found a new hobby.

Hunting, quail specifically, is so much fun. It takes precision, intellect and patience.  It’s elicits the same excitement as shopping, only it leaves you energized, not exhausted, at the end of the day.
Don’t get me wrong, sewing (as a hobby) still rocks my world, but hunting… as a participant, has opened up another world as well.

Exhausted— our girls had a busy time with their Nana. Someone, in the 26 hours they were will Nana (who was flying solo) they managed to see Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D, attend an American Girl Doll Party at the local bookstore, iron the Girl Scout patches onto Britton’s new Brownie vest, visit a sporting goods store, visit McDonalds, google the founder of Girl Scouts, watch DVS, play on the computer, point out the local folk art museum, and try to buy new tennis shoes with wheels (that B has been asking for) on EBay. Whew, I am tired just thinking about it. Thank you Nana!

Each day one can look around and say to themselves, only in the South…..

Getting geared up.
Poochie is packed away. Kids with Nana. Got a cooler of water and beer and a box of amo.??!

 See how good your eye is….

Mr. Robinson’s time in the woods has really paid off as he is an excellent marksman. Who knew?!

Okay, so I haven’t given bird dogs enough credit over the years. I tagged them ugly, smelly, hyper and makers of large poop piles. I stand corrected. They are smart, LOVE getting on birds, pointing us to them, and flushing them out. I had more fun watching the dogs today, than I did trying to actually shoot.

Quail hunting seems to be similar to baseball, in that things may be slow for a while- but then whamo! It all happens at once.

One of the two pointer dog points.
Hunters follow suit.
The third “Flush dog” gets the bird off the ground
Shooter has to then… check to see where other shooter is, see where guide is, make sure you aren’t about to shoot a dog, or the buggy, or the ground, or a tree. If you are all clear, then while the fast bird if furiously flying away, you have to still have enough time to aim your barrel, get it on your shoulder, turn off your safety, and pull the trigger.  I wasn’t surprised that despite several attempts, I missed.

Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, rarely missed.

All in all, a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It may have taken me 13 years with the guy, but I may have made some progress in figuring out that… if I participate in his hobbies, I get to GO WITH HIM instead of staying home with children/dogs/housework/cooking every weekend.  Funny how that works.

Who knows, maybe we will do it again soon.
Only I will need to get more shooting practice so I can really impress my ol’ guy!

Hay is for Horses

Ballet Lessons. Check.
Piano Lessons. Check.
Speech Therapy. Check.
Riding Lessons. Check.
Fifths Disease. Check.
Colds for the Family. Check.
Hair highlighted. Check.

Ahh, Friday night. Finally.
And a three day weekend no less. Headed out in the am on a quail hunt with the husband… should be, um… interesting. He took me to local retail store this afternoon to try, keyword, to get me “outfitted” for our adventure tomorrow. Apparently my new Michael Khors (total steal at local department store yesterday) wedges and Paige jeans won’t cut it on a horse. I am playing the part of an-excited-to-go-hunting-and-use-your-shotgun wife. It makes him happy, I can tell.

So, one pair of North Face khakis and no boots later, we are packed and alarms set. Girls are with Nana, and Poochie.. well, Poochie attempted to stay with Aunt Sara Britton and Uncle Matt BUT her cousin, Jorge (pronounced whore hey) annoyed scared her to a full on body shake. So, we rescued her and made alternative plans for our little Havanese.

Now I best take my Nyquil, go to bed and get that alarm clock set. Ah yi hi…..
The things we do for love.

3 1/2 hours are the barn yesterday….

Britton tacking up…

Her “locker” at the barn….

Trying to wrap the polo…

 Getting a quick lesson from Bayley on how to wrap the polo…

Eating her way through her sister’s horseback riding lesson…

K jumped on the gator yesterday, announced to me, “I’m riding with Nahna (Miss Rebecca’s mom)” then scooted off with Nahna and the three dogs.

74 degrees in our part of the US….

Someone has a birthday in fifteen days.

Until next week….

My Three Little Girls

Three children. Finally.
Well, sorta.

Aunt Sara Britton woke up with strep yesterday morning. Having just had strep a few weeks ago myself, I know how it gives you a want to crawl under a hole in your back yard to curl and die feeling.  So, I scooped up my baby niece and brought her back to my house full of fully stocked diapers, bottles, formulas and hair bows.

Allie Boone told me she wanted to spend the night with me, so spend the night she did.
Yep, back to the middle on the night bottle feedings, bee-bee shuffles from the bed at 2:00 am, no lights turned on diaper changes (only to realize you missed a few spots on the fanny the next morning).  I survived.

And it wasn’t all that bad.


I also have gotten to play dress up with ABJ- grabbing last minute outfits from her nursery closet during my rescue mission yesterday.

This baby doesn’t cry, is easy going, and is happy to be passed around.
My bet- within the next 12 months little sister does it again.

How could I not have this ham hawk spend the night with her Auntie G?
Or am I going to be Aunt Garrett? Or G-Mama?
So many choices.

My godson Downing and Railey call me G-Mama- seems fitting.
Although one day when I am a grandma I am going to be “MeeMaw”.
Several years ago on American Idol there was a contestant, Carrie Underwood, that referred to her granny as “MeeMaw” and I thought that was the coolest.

If only I could get Miss Social butterfly to shut those eyes when she is tired. Like her Mama, she is always afraid she is going to miss something.

Yes, I let her sleep on my bed. That’s how we roll ’round here.
Sorry Sara Britton, I broke one, only one, of your rules.

Little helpers go a long way.

It’s like stepping back in time- she looks so much like my girls.  Kenley’s dimple and Britton’s eyes. But I know she is her own person, with her own likes (young and the Restless) and dislikes (swaddle coming undone).

Can’t wait to see who she will become.

Will she be a ballerina? Brownie? Horseback rider? Flute player? Martial arts expert?

Only time will tell.

Until then, we will enjoy every minute.

And sneak in a few special moments along the way.