Da’ Crib

Chicago has the bears.
Now Allie Boone has the crib.

After what.. seven months.. Pops, the master woodcrafter, has completed Allie Boone’s heirloom crib.
And it is beautiful!

Those would be the blueprints he created in his hand…  With all the hours he has put into the crib, Allie Boone will have to sleep it in until she is eighteen.

Pops has uses his three car heated garage, which is about 2000 square feet, as a woodworking shop. His attic looks like a Home Depot lumber yard where he has built shelves to store all the lumber for his various projects.  He has also made Mom a mahogany rocking chair where he had to special order the wood.
Many of the machines in his shop were his father’s machines and tools.

 The crib is all natural, without any stain- which really highlights the design of the wood.

Fatty boob ba lattie is now sleeping quite soundly in her huge, comfortable bed. Oh and yes, that would be the bows that Sara Britton has started putting in her hair- lawdy, I love me some bows in a little girl. I would love to know what that baby is thinking in the below moment.

SBK- don’t forget to pack some bows in her bag when you bring her to me tomorrow

The “screws” were all made by hand as well- no metal to be found in this crib.

The test drive.
Pops passed with flying colors.

With the playhouse and now the crib under his belt, Pop’s shoulder surgery has been scheduled for this month.  He has put in countless hours and spent many a nights with a throbbing shoulder. But determined as he is, the crib had to be completed before surgery could be even a discussion.

Saturday afternoon Britton had her first ‘cheerleading’ game at her school. Now that was some funny stuff.

Talk about a total full circle moment.

Speaking of, we finally had a play date with B’s preschool buddy Caroline. Her mom and I grew up together- and the girls used to play often. The other day, someone asked B who her best friend was.

She answered, “Caroline, but I don’t see her anymore” and put her head down like it was just too painful to talk about. The woman looked at me like, “I am so sorry, I didn’t realize….”

But alas, Caroline is alive and kicking in our neighborhood just several miles away. They ran to each other at the park entrance at our scheduled arrival time, and hugged like they were long lost sorority sisters. B gave Caroline the once over, then commented, “You look the same only you are taller now.”

Yep, pretty much.

Edie and I finished up some random projects this weekend, while the girls had a play date. One of which was Kenley’s valentine twirl skirt and shirt.  The skirt was made with fat quarters from JoAnne’s and the pattern was the Pink Fig Girly Skirt. The turtleneck came from Wal-Mart for $3.99 this fall.

What happens to a dimple when you are old and wrinkled? Does it disappear? Just a thought.

This cheerleader is never too old for a see saw.

A dehydrated Poochie gets fluid wherever she can… pleeeasee.

Happy Hump Day!

Now bring back our cold weather!


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