Hay is for Horses

Ballet Lessons. Check.
Piano Lessons. Check.
Speech Therapy. Check.
Riding Lessons. Check.
Fifths Disease. Check.
Colds for the Family. Check.
Hair highlighted. Check.

Ahh, Friday night. Finally.
And a three day weekend no less. Headed out in the am on a quail hunt with the husband… should be, um… interesting. He took me to local retail store this afternoon to try, keyword, to get me “outfitted” for our adventure tomorrow. Apparently my new Michael Khors (total steal at local department store yesterday) wedges and Paige jeans won’t cut it on a horse. I am playing the part of an-excited-to-go-hunting-and-use-your-shotgun wife. It makes him happy, I can tell.

So, one pair of North Face khakis and no boots later, we are packed and alarms set. Girls are with Nana, and Poochie.. well, Poochie attempted to stay with Aunt Sara Britton and Uncle Matt BUT her cousin, Jorge (pronounced whore hey) annoyed scared her to a full on body shake. So, we rescued her and made alternative plans for our little Havanese.

Now I best take my Nyquil, go to bed and get that alarm clock set. Ah yi hi…..
The things we do for love.

3 1/2 hours are the barn yesterday….

Britton tacking up…

Her “locker” at the barn….

Trying to wrap the polo…

 Getting a quick lesson from Bayley on how to wrap the polo…

Eating her way through her sister’s horseback riding lesson…

K jumped on the gator yesterday, announced to me, “I’m riding with Nahna (Miss Rebecca’s mom)” then scooted off with Nahna and the three dogs.

74 degrees in our part of the US….

Someone has a birthday in fifteen days.

Until next week….