K learns to Read


I am not sure if I should be proud or embarassed. Kenley has learned to read- not sure when this happened. No really, I don’t know when this happened. Maybe gradually without me taking much notice. It must have started when driving, she pointed to a road sign, having regonized a word. Then at church on Sunday, pointed to a nametag on a hallway and said, “That says Olivia”. Or, looking at a coloring book, and reading aloud the word “God”. I just didn’t take enough notice. But then again, that’s how all milestones are with kids.

Well, I noticed last night. As I was reading her the book Biscuit Gets a Bone, I pointed to the words as I read when I heard her reading a long. I wasn’t sure if she had just memorized the book, as she has been known to do, so I got a second book. Same thing.  Still, I had to be sure.

Third book, The Giving Tree, and this time, I covered the photo and opened it to a random page. Yep, she starts reading off most of the words, missing some altogether, and sounding out others.

Way to go my little 4 year old Kenley!

Britty tested her with the Bob books too.

Okay, I bragged and got that off my chest.

This one here found an old cross stitch kit in a drawer, so I taught her how to cross stictch on Sunday. Funny thing though- it is a picture of a Mom with two kids standing beside her. Underneath it reads, Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?

Oh Britty.

A little afternoon art in the freezing-to-the-touch-driveway– making a special heart for Daddy in his regular parking space.

On any given day she has on at least two plastic beaded necklaces in varying colors.

Tourquoise panties- that’s how we roll.

Sparkles on shoes… optional.

The philanthropist delivered warm baked cookies to the neighors this chilly afternoon- asking for donations for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. Another attempt by the school to promote heart healthy living.
And our house is all about heart healthy.

So far she has collected $11 however, the saleswoman told me that she would be going back to a few of the houses (whose owners weren’t home) again tomorrow.  She isn’t giving up until she wins the big prize for the most money earned collects as much money as possible for a worthy cause.

She took my iPhone since she would be a few going a few doors down. She called me after every few hoses to say things like,  “Mommy, I just went to the “big” house and they gave me $4!!” or “That house with the two big dogs said they didn’t want a cookie but gave me $5 dollars anyway!!!”

28 degrees is the low tonight. Need to use up the last of our firewood tonight. In the meantime, will have to start finish my Beth Moore homework for the Breaking Free Bible study tomorrow.