My Three Little Girls

Three children. Finally.
Well, sorta.

Aunt Sara Britton woke up with strep yesterday morning. Having just had strep a few weeks ago myself, I know how it gives you a want to crawl under a hole in your back yard to curl and die feeling.  So, I scooped up my baby niece and brought her back to my house full of fully stocked diapers, bottles, formulas and hair bows.

Allie Boone told me she wanted to spend the night with me, so spend the night she did.
Yep, back to the middle on the night bottle feedings, bee-bee shuffles from the bed at 2:00 am, no lights turned on diaper changes (only to realize you missed a few spots on the fanny the next morning).  I survived.

And it wasn’t all that bad.


I also have gotten to play dress up with ABJ- grabbing last minute outfits from her nursery closet during my rescue mission yesterday.

This baby doesn’t cry, is easy going, and is happy to be passed around.
My bet- within the next 12 months little sister does it again.

How could I not have this ham hawk spend the night with her Auntie G?
Or am I going to be Aunt Garrett? Or G-Mama?
So many choices.

My godson Downing and Railey call me G-Mama- seems fitting.
Although one day when I am a grandma I am going to be “MeeMaw”.
Several years ago on American Idol there was a contestant, Carrie Underwood, that referred to her granny as “MeeMaw” and I thought that was the coolest.

If only I could get Miss Social butterfly to shut those eyes when she is tired. Like her Mama, she is always afraid she is going to miss something.

Yes, I let her sleep on my bed. That’s how we roll ’round here.
Sorry Sara Britton, I broke one, only one, of your rules.

Little helpers go a long way.

It’s like stepping back in time- she looks so much like my girls.  Kenley’s dimple and Britton’s eyes. But I know she is her own person, with her own likes (young and the Restless) and dislikes (swaddle coming undone).

Can’t wait to see who she will become.

Will she be a ballerina? Brownie? Horseback rider? Flute player? Martial arts expert?

Only time will tell.

Until then, we will enjoy every minute.

And sneak in a few special moments along the way.

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