Quail Hunting

I had a BLAST today– no pun intended.
And don’t laugh, but I may have just found a new hobby.

Hunting, quail specifically, is so much fun. It takes precision, intellect and patience.  It’s elicits the same excitement as shopping, only it leaves you energized, not exhausted, at the end of the day.
Don’t get me wrong, sewing (as a hobby) still rocks my world, but hunting… as a participant, has opened up another world as well.

Exhausted— our girls had a busy time with their Nana. Someone, in the 26 hours they were will Nana (who was flying solo) they managed to see Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D, attend an American Girl Doll Party at the local bookstore, iron the Girl Scout patches onto Britton’s new Brownie vest, visit a sporting goods store, visit McDonalds, google the founder of Girl Scouts, watch DVS, play on the computer, point out the local folk art museum, and try to buy new tennis shoes with wheels (that B has been asking for) on EBay. Whew, I am tired just thinking about it. Thank you Nana!

Each day one can look around and say to themselves, only in the South…..

Getting geared up.
Poochie is packed away. Kids with Nana. Got a cooler of water and beer and a box of amo.??!

 See how good your eye is….

Mr. Robinson’s time in the woods has really paid off as he is an excellent marksman. Who knew?!

Okay, so I haven’t given bird dogs enough credit over the years. I tagged them ugly, smelly, hyper and makers of large poop piles. I stand corrected. They are smart, LOVE getting on birds, pointing us to them, and flushing them out. I had more fun watching the dogs today, than I did trying to actually shoot.

Quail hunting seems to be similar to baseball, in that things may be slow for a while- but then whamo! It all happens at once.

One of the two pointer dog points.
Hunters follow suit.
The third “Flush dog” gets the bird off the ground
Shooter has to then… check to see where other shooter is, see where guide is, make sure you aren’t about to shoot a dog, or the buggy, or the ground, or a tree. If you are all clear, then while the fast bird if furiously flying away, you have to still have enough time to aim your barrel, get it on your shoulder, turn off your safety, and pull the trigger.  I wasn’t surprised that despite several attempts, I missed.

Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, rarely missed.

All in all, a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It may have taken me 13 years with the guy, but I may have made some progress in figuring out that… if I participate in his hobbies, I get to GO WITH HIM instead of staying home with children/dogs/housework/cooking every weekend.  Funny how that works.

Who knows, maybe we will do it again soon.
Only I will need to get more shooting practice so I can really impress my ol’ guy!