Sunset Fishing

Perfect weather tonight for a little golf cart riding and sunset fishing…
In Cinderella dresses, no less.

We don’t take fishing lightly in this house….

My mom purchased these fairy tale sweaters for her three granddaughters at the local Market Days this fall. I can’t find the artist online, however the tags says “Fairy Tales on Parade by Judy”. My girls also have a couple of adorable sweaters that Mom got them a couple of years ago. Allie Boone has a creme colored dress with a Tinkerbell theme. The amount of work that goes into these, well- art creations as I call them, is unbelievable. Sure wish I knew how to do this.

To Britty, a horse on the back of the dress makes it “cool”.

Checking to see if we got a fish….

Kenley didn’t have any bait on her line, but we didn’t tell her– nor did she seem to mind.

Still can’t believe my baby will be 5 years old in a matter of days.
I remember bringing her home from the hospital. Taking her to the lab for jaundice blood work. Pumping in the middle of the night, while watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.  Driving to Shands every few weeks praying for better news each time.

I remember after her surgery, how she was leery of everyone. Her preschool teacher would sit her in a rocking chair, so her little friends could look but not touch.  It’s hard to believe that that same little baby has big blue happy eyes, is always in a good mood, and knows my dang phone number.

We were headed home from our hunt yesterday when Mr. Robinson’s phone rang. It was Kenley- chatting us up, asking where we were, when would be be back. A few seconds later Nana takes her MOBILE phone to see who K is talking to.. weren’t we all surprised to find that it wasn’t Nana that called us, rather Kenley.

Nana asked Kenley if she even knew what our phone number was when K responded, ‘566-8455′ with a “duh..” sound in her voice.

I was shocked. Had no idea my 4 year old knew our mobile number– much less how to dial it from her grandmother’s cell phone.

That’s what can happen in 59 months.

And in 91 months, this baby now wants to wear high heels to church and lipstick on the weekends. And just when I start to think, Is that suppose to happen? That same child asks me to tuck her in bed at night “snug as a rug”.  And I know she is still my baby. And always will be.