Valentine Dance

I am beat. From the manicure nail polish change at the Nail Bar, to hot rollers, bubble baths, lip gloss, perfume, dresses and flowers. Girls are a lot of work.. I have just decided this.

Right now, the girls are at a fancy restaurant with their daddy and other daddies and daughters- making their way to the Father Daughter Valentine Dance at the school gym, complete with valentine decor, professional photographs, various girly crafts, tablecloths, crystal punch bowls and heart shaped cookies…. and a real DJ!

This year I sat back, letting Big Daddy face alone with his girls, so that Kenley could give her date (aka Daddy) all her attention. I can’t wait to get the full report from him later tonight.

In the meantime, it’s bubble bath, little cocktails and soft music for Mama.

Photos not edited tonight, using my precious quiet time for a nice hot bath!

They could get used to this! Great way to kick off the weekend.

Britton had a “pattern” polish with green sparkles, then red sparkle polish,
K had fire engine red with silver glitter over it.

Complete with two Shirley Temples and cherries!

Nails- check
Flowers- Check
No home for hair and baths.


Kenley learned to hot roll her hair.. sort of.

Bathroom looked like a tornado went off.

 Waiting for her date to pick her up….

Date is here!!!