Valentine Threads

Contrary to what some may think, I do not always lug my large black Canon camera around. Often times, I have to whip out the trusty ol’ iPhone to capture the moment. Gasp. I know.  It kills me, but it would be worse for this perfectionist to miss it altogether (another thing which may be surprising given all the typos I publish– thanks for pointing that out hubby and Mom).


With a flashback over the past two months from the eyes of… a mobile phone.
Hey, they need to be deleted and this way at the end of 2011 I know they will eventually be printed for prosperity.

Finally finished the second Valentine skirt, Britty approved, for her school choral concert tonight.  It’s a lovely 40 degrees and rainy outside. Big red and fushia hearts will surely warm her little sassy self up!

This one still sporting her red and pink for next week’s holiday.
Pose came free of charge.

Sang “Jesus loves me” at church a couple weeks ago. Again, no camera  to be found but… what I did find was a child who no longer got stage freight. In fact, she rather loved performing for all.

Celebrating the 100th day of school.

This is probably where I should put a disclaimer, in case anyone is keeping score. They may be a few, and I mean few, more photos of Kens Kens, but… that is because she is often picked up at noon from preschool. Giving her more time with moi!

Babysitting a black headed, not to be confused with hot headed, Allie Boone- probably 4 weeks here. She’s so drunk.. she has no idea where she was.

Birthday party in the park- Jan 2011.

Sunday after church “Farm Day” with four-year-old buddy Lili. When is it that we stop grabbing for our friend’s hand for no reason in particular?

Ballet performance for Nana at the ballet studio. And when is it that we decide our thighs aren’t so cute afterall in pink ballet tights anymore?

B at Shands Congenital Heart center this Fall- defect free Praise the Lord!
 Wow, I did have a lot of old photos on my phone.

Britty’s “salon” haircut which gave her the bangs she had been longing for. Incidentally, she will likely grow them up. Turns out, some of the things we want aren’t always what they cracked up to be. This, we learn early on.

K read to her class today, Biscuit Needs A Bone”. Yea Kenley!