Had a day full of xxx’s and ooo’s yesterday. Candlelit family dinner, ahi tuna, chochlate candies, valentine gifts and more candy.

Britton’s Valentine’s Party in her second grade class- timed contest picking up the conversation hearts with Chop Stix. B’s friend Annette, from China, won by a landslide.

This is how we kill time on Monday’s while B is at her piano lesson. Luckily, my Aunt and Uncle have a great swing set.

Fifths Disease makes for beautiful rosy cheeks. It’s always something ’round here.

The multitude of gorgeous oaks on their property doesn’t hurt the scenery on Monday afternoons.

Britton with her piano teacher, Hristo.

Rounding off the day with candlit dinner- new ambiance, same resturant- our kitchen.

Come on Spring… You can’t tease us like this.