Happy Days

Someone ’round here is in a foul mood this afternoon. After getting very upset with moi, for not knowing where she left her lavender “fairy wings”, she pouted, opted for flowered sandals instead of the matching lavender heels- and snapped at me that a long-sleeve shirt did not look good with the wings (that turned out being on her twin bed all along).

Geez, can’t a Mama catch a break around here?

This is what happens when you have a sewing affliction– a closet crammed full of beautiful clothes. In fact, my daughters have more clothes than I do. I will buy them $35 shoes without a blink, yet when it comes to buying something for myself, I have to really, really like the shoes for $35.  Warped priorities I tell ya!

Happy 4 year anniversary to Aunt Britty and Uncle Mike! And… Happy 35th Birthday to “Uncle” Sutton!


Be As You Are

We shamelessly went for Round 3 of Spring Break Beach Bash 2011.
This time, to my late father’s childhood beach house.  It’s very old-Florida cottage-style, with no television, kitchen cabinets with rusted hinges, an attic filled with family photographs at least 100 years old, a porch filled with wicker rocking chairs, and the sound of the ocean just yards away.


For my birthday Mr. Robinson and Mom gave me a new Canon 25 mm ultra wide lens! Thank you, thank you!

While I am sure it is user error, not sold on this little booger yet…. If you are in the market for an ultra wide- might want to think twice on this one. Mr. Robinson wants to return it… just is still out.

But wonderful, generous birthday gift nonetheless!!

Apparently, it was “mating” season for horseshoe crabs which Britton noticed right away noticed. Every few feet there was a pair of the brown creatures, mounted on one another. B asked us what they were doing “on top of each other”. 

Think fast Garrett.

Mr. Robinson, always quick on his toes, responded with a simple “hugging”.

Yep, you could say that.

Britton is pondering the “hugging” answer…..

The three amigos.

View from the front porch of cottage.

Photo compliments, again, of Mr. Robinson….

A little Dog Island picnic…. despite the fog.

New Favorite Cookbook

Okay, so it isn’t “new” per se, but rather new to my cooking library. I ordered it off Amazon recently and have made probably 17 meals from it already. It is the Southern Living Busy Moms Weeknight Favorites. True to it’s word, the meals are easy and  it gives suggestions for sides and…. breaks down the protein, calorie, carbohydrate information.

This week on our menu, we will be having

  • Bistro Chicken Piza (with Ranch salad)
  • Apricot Pork Chops (with mashed potatoes and asparagus)
  • Steak Salad with Creamy Ranch Dressing (with vanilla ice cream)

I ask Mr. Robinson and the kids to “rate” each meal with a scale of 1-5 stars (5 being the yummmmy), then I record it in the cookbook so I know what ingredients to grab next time I’m in a mad dash to make my grocery list.

Some of the other favorites have been:

  • Sausage and Pepper Subs, with green seedless grapes
  • Pimento Cheese Chicken with Hot Buttered Grits, with broiled tomatoes with breadcrumbs)
  • Monte Cristo Sandwiches, with baked potato chips — (great after church lunch)
  • Upside-Down Pizza Casserole, with garden salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Steak Salad

Family Fishing Fun

We’re enjoying some quality fishing family time at the coast… we hope to return with fish, suntans, a carload of dirty clothes, happy children and relaxed parental units.

I have often wondered if it is true- that boys cherish their Mama’s, the way girls adore their Daddies.
Mothers of boys often tell me this- I may never know. But one thing is for sure, these two little creatures love, love, love their Daddy. Even after a full day at the office, he comes homes every night to two girls that drop everything and run to him with open arms. After dinner he manages to find a way to spend quality time with his girls- this usually entails a golf cart ride, fishing, TV, Wii games, board games, books, or bike riding.

What a great daddy. I’ve always said, anybody can be a Father, but not everyone can be a Dad.
14 years ago when I picked this guy out at the bar Sunday school, I had no idea what a wonderful Dad he would be to our children.  How could I have known? All I cared about what that he was cute and had some ambition. The father thing honestly didn’t even cross my mind at age 20. But now, I either got really lucky or extremely blessed with this guy. I think it is a combination of the two.

“See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”
1 John 3:1 (New Living Translation)

Okay, so I admit… When we first moved to our current neighborhood I had a serious case of homesickness for the neighborhood we left behind, a mere 7 miles closer in town. But, almost 6 years in, I now see what Mr. Robinson saw all along- a place that is great to raise our children. Two fishing lakes, boat landing, golf courses, swimming pools, secure, guard patrolled, golf carts galore, tidy yards, quiet streets. I get it now.

With the game of musical chairs on the real estate market, I am glad to have landed where we are. Because with the real estate market the way it is, we ain’t going anywhere.

The patience of Job.

Spring Break 2011- Round 2

After visiting our quiet Gulf island, we headed to a busier, faster paced beach known as Destin/Seaside/Rosemary/Seacrest/Alys Beach for Round Deux.

K doing a little test action of the sand to make sure it was legit.

The umbrellas calling Britton’s name- she so wanted to rent a bike, use her coupon for a “free umbrella rental”, and check out a DVD from the front desk.

If you kids tell you the water if fine this time of year, don’t listen. It is freezing. Freezing as in take-your-breath-away cold.

Our sweet Aunt Coco and baby boy Downing- his first beach week. The ham liked- can you tell?

A grey Destin kind of day….

Rent an umbrella… check.

I love this photo- so un-poised, without a lot of saturated colors- just the essence of any day at any beach with very special people.

Kenley wore her bathing suit underneath- just in case.
Britton- age 7 1/2

There is a cute row of Winnebagos, lined up on the streets of Seaside selling everything from BBQ to ice cream.  Have I mentioned how I cannot wait to get my new wide angle lens? My macro lens is great to capture the features on my little girl’s faces– but makes it much more difficult to get the big picture, say when you see a line up of Winnebago’s at a beach.

Rainbow Sherbet at Seacrest beach….

Now this was cool- a live performance of Alice in Wonderland amphitheater style. We picked up some fried chicken, bottled water and chips.. threw down a towel and whola! A picnic style performance by the sea.

How freaking cool.

Until next time sweet Rosemary…..