Be As You Are

We shamelessly went for Round 3 of Spring Break Beach Bash 2011.
This time, to my late father’s childhood beach house.  It’s very old-Florida cottage-style, with no television, kitchen cabinets with rusted hinges, an attic filled with family photographs at least 100 years old, a porch filled with wicker rocking chairs, and the sound of the ocean just yards away.


For my birthday Mr. Robinson and Mom gave me a new Canon 25 mm ultra wide lens! Thank you, thank you!

While I am sure it is user error, not sold on this little booger yet…. If you are in the market for an ultra wide- might want to think twice on this one. Mr. Robinson wants to return it… just is still out.

But wonderful, generous birthday gift nonetheless!!

Apparently, it was “mating” season for horseshoe crabs which Britton noticed right away noticed. Every few feet there was a pair of the brown creatures, mounted on one another. B asked us what they were doing “on top of each other”. 

Think fast Garrett.

Mr. Robinson, always quick on his toes, responded with a simple “hugging”.

Yep, you could say that.

Britton is pondering the “hugging” answer…..

The three amigos.

View from the front porch of cottage.

Photo compliments, again, of Mr. Robinson….

A little Dog Island picnic…. despite the fog.


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