Golden Rule

As we were driving to the beach last week, I received this email from Kenley’s preschool teacher.
She does not attend a religious day school, so I thought it was cool that the teacher went out of her way to have this conversation with her student. 

On the playground, Kenley and Gracie were having a problem and I asked “what is the golden rule?” Kenley, “I dont know.”
Me, “Gracie, tell Kenley what the golden rule is.”

Gracie tells Kenley “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Kenley says, “The bible says it different.”
Me, “What does the bible say?”
Kenley says, “Do unto others how you would have them do to you.”
SO CUTE!! Only a wonderful mom and dad could be behind this fabulous moment.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
-Luke 6:31

This kind of attitude should take her waddle walk far in life….

As a side note, K dressed herself for the movies this week, and her outfit was impeccable. She had a Mama made pink/red skirt, light pink tank top (tucked in!), light pink ballet flat, fuchsia flowered headband and a hot pink purse. She came out of her bedroom and did a little “Ta Da” twist for me.

“Wow!” I said, “Kenley you look beautiful”.
She responded with her typical cool-as-a-cucumber-attitude and said “pink looks good with everything.”

Well, ‘nuf said.

Strong-Willed Child:
I am seeing the rewards of having a spirited strong willed child. Britton’s kindergarten teacher told me I would- she was right. After seeing Disney’s Mars Needs Moms movie this afternoon, we came home in a daze to let our popcorn, lemon heads, Chiclets and Sunkist sugar wear off (see, I told you- non-organic junk food is the theme).

Kenley took the TV room where she watched cartoons, I caught up on Bravo’s Real Housewives and Britton, well…. she flipped open the laptop. She searched YouTube and found an origami project found HERE. Yes, that would be an origami ball requiring 30 separate pieces of paper.

When she showed it to Mr. Robinson, who is always a good sport about trying her latest idea/adventure, he said, “Oh Britty, that would be next to impossible to complete. That is thirty separate pieces. Daddy doesn’t know how to do it, plus, it would take us forever.”

So she quietly packed up her paper, shut down the computer, and hopped into bed for the night.
As we went into her room there she sat, focused on her origami project. Yep, she had already started the impossible origami bowl. Mr. Robinson was so impressed and felt oh-so-guilty for telling her that it was too hard. He has promised her that he will help her finish the bowl.

I brushed her long brown hair and told her, that if anyone ever tells her she cannot be a surgeon, or a teacher or a musician- that she will not listen to them. One less thing for her Mama to worry about.

Now, if I can just stop worrying about her riding her bike in our neighborhood….