Happy Days

Someone ’round here is in a foul mood this afternoon. After getting very upset with moi, for not knowing where she left her lavender “fairy wings”, she pouted, opted for flowered sandals instead of the matching lavender heels- and snapped at me that a long-sleeve shirt did not look good with the wings (that turned out being on her twin bed all along).

Geez, can’t a Mama catch a break around here?

This is what happens when you have a sewing affliction– a closet crammed full of beautiful clothes. In fact, my daughters have more clothes than I do. I will buy them $35 shoes without a blink, yet when it comes to buying something for myself, I have to really, really like the shoes for $35.  Warped priorities I tell ya!

Happy 4 year anniversary to Aunt Britty and Uncle Mike! And… Happy 35th Birthday to “Uncle” Sutton!