Kenley Celebrations- Rounds I and II

Yesterday we celebrated our littlest littles half decade birthday. Hard for me to believe, yet it ’twas true.
We enjoyed pizza and cake, patio style, with our family the night before.

She was so estatic to get to open her gifts a day early- that we could have just stopped there.

But we didn’t…..

Thankful for her gifts….

Cake #1….. Big sister making a bee line to help sing and eat her cake too!

We can see now where K gets her dimples from….

Look what Aunt Shea and Uncle Paul sent me…. a little blue box. It had Gan confused, he thought maybe he had inadverntly bought his signature blue box for his granddaughter. But alas, Shea has started K on a silver charm bracelet which she loves!

On her official birthday, big sister wanted to document Kenley’s first morning as a five year-old.

Ordered this vintage birthday banner HERE for Kenley’s birthday party tomorrow. Otherwise known as Round III.

Round II

Cupcakes and Singing at School with Mrs. A’s class. As an added plus, it was farm day which meant extra accessories no uniforms!

“Wow, all for me?”

You bet sweetheart!