Picassos in Training

Last night we celebrated my 34th birthday a few days early… with a little paint, a bit o’ wine, a lot of fun and great friends!

For many of us, it has been years, if not decades, since we last picked up a paint brush. No, dot to dot watercolor with our kids does not count.

Thank you Mom for all the delicious food and beverages!  Britton’s second grade class enjoyed the leftover cupcakes in celebration of my birthday-  Britton’s idea. A July birthday child is always looking for any reason to bring in birthday cupcakes to school.

“Doctor” Anna, Holly and Katherine.

We had our painting fun at Painting with a Twist. Whoever thought of that, is on to something. I think we were all ready to unleash our inner artist, that we didn’t even know was inside us.

The “advanced” table… these gals take regular art classes. I told someone that Mom takes them at the local Senior Center… she was quick to point out that she does not take art class at the senior center. My bad. But she does take a writing class at the senior center once she received her AARP membership card. But apparently, it has paid off because she can paint!

Everyone was quite serious, yet had fun, about their masterpieces. And they all turned out GREAT- each one different.

Sweet Coco drove in from out of town to surprise me. Even after I talked to her 5, yes five, times yesterday, she still managed to surprise me. Now that’s a sweet friend.

“The music may stop now and then, But the the strings will remain forever…”

So serious….

The painters wife… watch out.

One of my friends walked up to me last night, pointed to this group and asked, “is that the advanced table?”

See? I told you they were good!

The final product.

It was intended to hang in the laundry room with my girls artwork, but this little piece may actually end up in the family room.

Thank you sweet friends for helping me celebrate this fun time in life!