Prom 2011

We had a fantastic time at prom the school’s annual Auction last night. There were manicures, pedicures, new clothes (or in my case borrowed- thank you Angela!), pre parties, roadies, designated drivers (yours truly), bidding, music, art, good food and great friends. All in all, a pretty stand up time- and the icing was Britton’s speech. Yep, Britty was at the auction this year.

Let me tell you, she was working the 500+ crowd with her lil’ speech. She was chosen, along with several others, to speak during the auction about what the school means to her.

Leave it to my little ham to not just recite her little sphill, but to have audience participation written in- I’m talking hand gestures, voice inflection, and everything? 
It went a little something like this….

“My name is Britton Robinson and I am a 2nd grader at x School.
I love x School because the teachers are nice and make learning fun.
Parents– do you like x school? (applause)
What? You can do better than that! Parents- do you like x school? (louder applause)
Good! So do I.

The child was cool as a cucumber, and rather enjoyed having a microphone standing on a stage in front of 500 adults. In fact, she rather enjoyed it.

As someone pointed out- just wait until she gets older and has a little alcohol and a microphone. That kid never ceases to amaze me.

A little pre party preparations.

I so wanted to get a corsage and boutineer…

The “speakers” getting ready to take the stage…

The best auction item, every year without fail, seems to be the children’s art projects. Those big pictures are shaggy dogs.  Each class/grade creates a project – decoupage mirror, hand painted, table/chairs, painted canvases, rocking chairs, etc- which is sold at the silent auction to the highest bidder.

Mr. President (as my girls call him) trying to get the drunks parents to listen up.

“Parents- Do you like my school?!”

“I can’t hear you! Parents- do you like my school?”

“Dr. Anna” as my girls call her. She is actually my really good friend and happens to be their pediatrician as well. Gracie and Kenley are BFF’s. I wonder if the term BFF will ever fade. Maybe they will have matching heart BFF necklaces one day.

Our new friends- they are a trip!

Maltipoo that was so darn cute. He slept while they walked him around showing him to folks- I bet the little guy was given Benadryl so that he was calm last night- and all hell broke loose today when he arrived at his new home. Ha!

Two seniors, and National Merit Students (whatever that means, clearly I was not one) sang “Don’t Stop Believing” to kick off the event.

Historically, it has been my most favorite night of the year. A night where every stressed out Mom and overworked Dad get a Hall Pass. A free excuse to go out, drink a little too much, eat a few too many calories, spend more money than you had hoped- all while telling yourself it is for a good cause.
I think what makes it fun- is because it really doesn’t seem like it would be. School event, parents of varying ages, blah blah… buy boy oh boy, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

And a huge thank you to Nana for babysitting the girls for uh… 7 hours. You are the best!

Until next year……