Random Fridays

So, I must confess- it does feel a little funny to ramble on about our little family when there is such devastation in Japan.. But, hey- a Friday is a Friday and round these parts, we celebrate! The weekend is HERE!!!

In honor of kicking back and relaxing a little on this Friday afternoon, all photos are 100% organic as in, I didn’t want to bother editing today.

Mr. Robinson and I got a kick out of clearing Britton’s dinner plate this week.
You know you are a creative kid when…..

Thursdays are barn days…

Britton had missed her “Moe”- the pony she loves to ride.

Kenley has a love/hate relationship with dogs, ever since she was attacked this fall.

We are back to cantering and going over the cross bars once again. Back in the saddle, as they say.

Somebody got some new Muckers, compliements of Miss Rebecca.

As in the Miss Rebecca, horse trainer, that loves both my children.
Watch out Daddy, someone else likes to ride…..

All the fresh air, and smell of horse manure, lends itself to a quiet Thursday night of reading.
Note the book that K is reading, 15 minutes to get a Great Dog- dog training tips.

And Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Yep, that would be a chapter book.

Happy Friday!