While “Doctor Anna” may do her hospital rounds each morning with her newborns, I too have been making the baby rounds this week.

When I say chunky, you say monkey.

I think this little pee wee, like her Mama and Auntie, will have some big ol’ knockers too. Try as she might, Sara Britton cannot get the cute hair to lie flat. Allie Boone likes the Kate Gosselin spike, and frankly she is rocking it. What are you thinking about little girl?

After Coco surprised me Tuesday night at the painting party, I got to have lunch with both Downing and his Mama. His little face and bald head look just as I remember, but those thighs. Wow, he has some rolls on them now and I could just eat them up. Is there anything cuter than a chunky baby? I mean, really…