Spa Day

After church on Sunday Britton couldn’t wait to get home and take off her dress. Not because she hates to wear dresses, quite the contrary. She was eager to open up Kenley’s “spa” birthday gift and show her how it’s done. B asked me to cut up cucumbers for her face, and next thing I knew that had turned their bathroom into a day spa.

Kenley had a mud mask on her face, was dressed in a white spa robe and had gooey ooey stuff rubbed all over. And I must say, her skin Sunday night was just glowing- and smelled oh so good. I may need to see what kind of Mud stuff they are using so I can get me some!

Britton later soaked in a hot tub with sea salt, and a little glitter in her hair to boot. She came out of the bathroom soaking wet, with a towel wrapped around her and said, “Kenley, come on. I’m ready for my massage”.

A girl after my own heart.