Spring Break 2011- Round 1

Spent some time at the Gulf of Mexico- at a little island known as Spring Break Stop Numbero Uno.
I intend to make full use of this year’s break since I am no longer working— no phone, notebook, folders, and laptop were dragged along in my Vera Bradley bag this year- Praise the Lord Hallelijuah!

Yep, I realized that it’s only Wednesday and we have about half the week to go- but not to fear, I got us some more fun activities/trips up my Mama sleeve. (It’s so much fun to be grammatically incorrect sometimes- I just can’t help myself)

Once we arrived at the coast, we each started attaching our want-to-do, but not-gonna-make-a-to-do-list list.

Britton’s first thing to check off- bury yourself in the sand. Don’t ask me how she did it, but she called for me and the kid had literally buried herself into the sand.

Sunsetting over the Gulf waters.

Love these new spring suits from Old Navy- hollah.

We let the kids stay up a little later than usual, eat more un-organic junk food than normal, and let the hair go messy because the giggles and laughs made it all worth it.

Holy Toledo….

Family Fo-tow.
Yep, that would be blue eyeshadow on my little girl.

Kenley with her buddy, Molly.

And a beautiful sunrise on the morning of my 34th birthday- March 20th. A fitting way to round off Spring Break Stop Numero Uno….

Photo compliments of Mr. Robinson!

To Be Continued