Spring Break 2011- Round 2

After visiting our quiet Gulf island, we headed to a busier, faster paced beach known as Destin/Seaside/Rosemary/Seacrest/Alys Beach for Round Deux.

K doing a little test action of the sand to make sure it was legit.

The umbrellas calling Britton’s name- she so wanted to rent a bike, use her coupon for a “free umbrella rental”, and check out a DVD from the front desk.

If you kids tell you the water if fine this time of year, don’t listen. It is freezing. Freezing as in take-your-breath-away cold.

Our sweet Aunt Coco and baby boy Downing- his first beach week. The ham liked- can you tell?

A grey Destin kind of day….

Rent an umbrella… check.

I love this photo- so un-poised, without a lot of saturated colors- just the essence of any day at any beach with very special people.

Kenley wore her bathing suit underneath- just in case.
Britton- age 7 1/2

There is a cute row of Winnebagos, lined up on the streets of Seaside selling everything from BBQ to ice cream.  Have I mentioned how I cannot wait to get my new wide angle lens? My macro lens is great to capture the features on my little girl’s faces– but makes it much more difficult to get the big picture, say when you see a line up of Winnebago’s at a beach.

Rainbow Sherbet at Seacrest beach….

Now this was cool- a live performance of Alice in Wonderland amphitheater style. We picked up some fried chicken, bottled water and chips.. threw down a towel and whola! A picnic style performance by the sea.

How freaking cool.

Until next time sweet Rosemary…..