These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We have been doing our best to squeeze every minute out of our beautiful weather this weekend. Walks, and more walks, visits to the neighborhood lakes, horse trials. Man, I love the spring in our little city.

We sprung forward last night, and now get an extra hour of daylight. Daylight, another thing I love.

Some lovin’ in-exchange-for-nothin’ from my big girl.

I love that she can find an abandoned ball in the lake, concoct a way to fish it out, and entertain herself all afternoon with her adopted toy.

Another favorite thing… when K puts together her own ensemble.

Fishing the ball out of the lake…

“Kuddles” with Kenley.

One of my favorite things is watching Kenley cross her arms, stand off, and pout. I know this shouldn’t be something I adore, but it’s so darn funny I just can’t help myself.

Note- the skirt is hiked up so she could ride her bike for all of 5 minutes before she started complaining that she was “so tired” and “can’t pedal another minute”.

My favorite thing… the water. Be it a lake, ocean, nice hot bath- doesn’t matter. Love it.

Britton’s fanny because it sits up and is hard as a rock. So not fair. Definitely one of my top three favorite things.

B making fun of me, yes- she has a sense of humor, doing lunges. She even went so far as to jokingly tell me that it is a “little embarrassing” when I lunge around the neighborhood.


Love this tree. Last Arbor Day, our neighborhood, in an effort to promote tree-lined streets, allowed us to purchase a variety of trees for $15. This is my baby.

Okay, so this isn’t my favorite thing (beyond the obvious) but it’s just so tootin’ funny.

Love that my nature girl likes to hike the trail in our neighborhood. Who knew?

My favorite thing is getting weeds flowers from my girls. Without fail, every flower that falls upon their eyes will be quickly plucked and handed to me within a matter of seconds.

So there you have it.

I realized today, once again, that my girls are ying and yang. We spent the afternoon at a horse trial- Britton was completely enthralled, taking videos of each rider/jump with my iPhone, while K complained that she was “sweating, hot, hungry” and could smell horse pop.  Luckily we ran into Aunt Britty and I could pawn pass off my youngest offspring to my younger sister, while Britton and I enjoyed the sunshine, pollen, friends and horses for the remainder of the afternoon.

On the plus side, K got this snazzy face paint while B used her allowance (and some front money from Mama) to purchase her first bridal and lead rope. And I must say, if I had know that there were such cute tack for horses, I might have stuck with it a little bit longer.

Here’s to Spring!


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  1. 3' says

    Laughing hysterically about the lunges. I have to say my sweet Kenley is a lot like her Aunt Coco…I don’t like being hot, sweaty or bicycling for more than 5minutes. Your photography just keeps getting better!