Wal-Mart and the Such

Boy of boy am I tired. Not just likes-to-complain tired…. but stayed out all night at a rave-tired. And no, I have never been to a “rave” but in high school always wanted to go to one since I thought I was cool. The colonel, however, had me on a 11:00 pm curfew- makes it a little difficult to rave. Nonetheless, today- I might as well have because that’s how tired I am.

However… with the email notification that my little sister has now started a BLOG I had to drag my sorry ass to the computer to put down on paper for prosperity., knowing that as quickly as the day went by today, so will the memories escape my mind tomorrow.

Where was I? Oh, Wal-Mart.

Wal-mart. That was our big outing today.

Took the birthday girl there so I could get some last minute items for her party (mason jars) and next thing I knew she had sweet talked me into the toy aisle where she casually strolled for about 10 minutes.

As one particular toy would catch her eye, she would hold it up, ask me to take a photo of it, then ask me to email it to Nana. 

Then we hit the electronics section of the Wal-Mart, where she picked out yet another gadget, and would once again, ask me to take her photo, then to “text” (yes, she says text) it to Sassy.

By the time she asked me to text a photo of herself posing with yet another today to send to Dee-Dee, I had to draw the line. Dee-Dee, being the great Great Aunt that she is, already took Miss Thang to Wal-Mart last week to pick out and purchase her present- a barbie and a Justin Beiber barbie/doll/figure thing.

You will have to look past the fuzzy iPhone photo quality, and into the aisles of Wally World to appreciate this fine shopping excursion.

Sara B- this is what she picked out for you to get her. You lucked out as it is only $3.50 and you can find it next to the Sponge Bob underwear in the Little Girls clothing section. She wanted me to tell you that they only have one left.

We didn’t let our high-class day end there, we also hit Great Clips for a little “dusting” to the Birthday bob hair-do. Nothing but the best for this gal.

Once we picked up Britty from school, we headed to piano lessons where we got to sit on Aunt Kelly’s palace patio and enjoy the sun and breeze. I felt guilty sitting in the chair, head laid back on the comfortable cushion, eyes closed, feeling the breeze, breathing in the no humidity… I had to keep sitting up to look around and pretend to be busy and responsible because of the guilt. Why can’t I close my eyes and breathe in the middle of the day sometimes without feeling like I should be doing something “productive”? I’m working on it.

After we picked a few Japanese Magnolia blooms from the biggest tree I have ever seen, we headed home where we created the Super-Nanny inspired “Robinson Rules” florescent pink poster for our kitchen.

This morning B managed to earn three strikes, ultimately losing her horse back riding privilege this week– all before 7:50 am. I wanted to have the “rules” laid out, black and white, for her to see clear as day.  There is no grey area. Rules are the rules.

As a parent, one of the most valuable lessons I can teach my children is that for each choice they make, there are consequences. Currently, my sweet 7 year old can often times have an I-don’t-give-a-sh*t attitude because what-are-you-gonna-do-about it? As much as I like to think American Girl taught her something, sadly it did not.

With the Robinson Rules, Robinson rewards and Robinson Consequences now clearly in place- it’s a new ball game under this roof. Get ready. Game on.

Amazingly, once she saw her boundaries and expectations clearly written out and explained, she was good as gold making wise choices this afternoon. I even caught her studying her flashcards/spelling words on her own for a second time tonight.

Choices = Consequences.

Oh- they also decided that today was the perfect day to start turning the old nasty sandbox, that was here when we moved in, into a vegetable garden. Mr. Robinson will have a fun project to look forward to this weekend with his littles! They settled, in the meantime, for a little work with the pots, soil and container flowers.

That’s life. And it is a trip- the good choices and the bad. But shhh, don’t tell B that.