Continous Celebrations

Happy Birthday Meme!! Sylvia turns 85 today- we celebrated with an a fresco luncheon with her daughters, some of her granddaugthers, and one of her 4 great granddaughters. I guess you could say it was a girls lunch.

And she got a special gift- a puppy! Well, soon… her girls gave her a Yorkshire Terrier puppy that is one week old- and ready in June! This gives Meme plenty of time to “think about it” to ensure she is up for the challenge of raising yet another lovey. What will the name be? Penny? Pitty Pat? Tululiah?

The restaurant Meme choose, is one of the only- and I mean only- places she will dine. For an all organic gal, it’s slim pickins’ in our town.  But hey, they grow their own tomatoes. That’s pretty darn fresh.

And an early special birthday to my Mom- otherwise known as Sassy. Pops flew in early from Indianapolis to help his lovely wife watch their darling grandchildren (2 out of the 3), while Mr. Robinson and I enjoy our 10 year anniversary.

Sweet Mazelle drove to join in the celebration with “her girls”.

Mazelle raised my Mom- despite what my Meme sometimes may say.

Yep, TEN YEARS. Some days I think we each deserve a medal around our neck for hanging in there, but most days I think we are flat plain lucky to have found each other. I now see, how older folks say they are more in love now, than when they got married.

Dude, I get it now.

Okay, back to gearing up for more celebrating…. sober style, of course.

PS- Baby doctor appointment went great yesterday. Has two arms, two legs, two hands and feet- a skull and a loud normal, yes I said normal, heart beat. The little boogar is measuring several days farther along now, which I hope means I can shave off more days between now and my due date. After having lost a few pounds, it’s mighty hard to see that scale slowly creeping up… but I know it is all worth it. I know, I know.

The heart beat alone, makes it all worth it.