From the Parade to the Church

Another gorgeous weekend. Now we’re just getting spoiled with this weather. Weekend was oozing with fun… from the local Springtime Parade to little Allie Boone’s baptism. With a little swimming, biking, and exciting news in between…..

Love Kenley’s smile– and that was after the great cookie bribery. You know the one, “if you smile, you can have a cookie. But you have to smile by the time I count to there. 1, 2,….” 

Obviously my shenanigans didn’t work.

AB’s baptism at church this morning….  She outgrew the christening gown that has been in our family for three generations. Luckily, AB’s aunt (on her Daddy’s side) had her Christening gown– which is quite fitting since her name is ‘Allison’ too.

Welcoming this bundle of joy into our church family… she didn’t make a peep. Not a one.

Is that a proud Mama or what? Fat-so not too happy….

Kenley with “her” Pops. Shoulder surgery was a success, as this photo attests to. It’s no easy task picking up 49 pounds of pure love.

The dresses that the girls have one were purchased at a local Just Ducky trunk show- clothes are pretty cool in that you choose the style, fabric, trim, etc. Then they custom make the clothing. Kenley’s was shipped to me with a tag that they liked my design and the dress will be featured on their website. Nice.

Meme had THREE daughters (no boys)
My Mom had TWO daughters, and now has THREE Granddaughters (no boys)
Meme now has FOUR great granddaughters (no boys)…
although, she does have her first great grandson, Eli, due next month.
Which brings us to the exciting news….

Yep, poodle #3 will be making a debut this fall- we pray.  Went to the doctor last week and saw the little thing’s heart just a fluttering away. Relief. So far, everything is going smoothly. I am finishing up my first trimester. We initially wanted to hold off telling our girls, since I’ve had two miscarriages- including one that January. I made the mistake of telling them at 8 weeks only to “loose” the baby the following week. To this day, Kenley still asks me about that baby.

So, I wanted to make every effort to protect their little hearts from any heartache, as any good mom would do. Unfortunately, with this being my 5th pregnancy, I can’t exactly keep my stomach from popping out as quick as it has.

Mr. Robinson and I are excited about this blessing and pray that my pregnancy continues to remain uneventful. Uneventful is good, trust me.

Umm.. yea, this photo was taken at 7 weeks. Several weeks ago. There ain’t no hiding it anymore- hence, telling the girls last night.

Sweet cousin Avery.

Luncheon following the baptism….

My sister’s Mother-in-Law made these christening cookies– not only were they pretty, but some of the best tasting cookies. Doesn’t hurt that she is a professional baker…

Britton confessing her sins of the week to Pops.

Can you tell he is the Daddy by the proud smile?

Jaba the hut– honestly, is there anything cuter than a chunky healthy baby? I think not.

I stole AB from her daycare again this week.. after about 7 days I go through with drawl. I can’t stop thinking about her, clocking my route to see how long it would take to get to her, figure out her feeding schedule in my head- compare it with my kid’s schedule that day… and inevitably text me sister that I am on my way to take her baby.

Without fail, Allie Boone looks at me when I arrive and gives me a big ol’ gummy smile as if to say, “Hi Aunt G! Thanks for coming and what we gonna do today?”

Someone got their first twirl skirt….

Thankfully God always has a better plan, and this sweet girl will be 8 when baby #3 arrives.  Built in babysitter who can feed a baby bottles, change diapers and pacify in the car.  Thank you, thank you.

Oh ya, big cousin K got a skirt to match. Still working on Britton’s. So many hours, such little time.

Does she look like me??

Yesterday Mr. Robinson and B rode in the local Springtime parade. He is putting together a family fishing tournament in May to benefit the local Ronald McDonald House. The theme for the float was fishing- Mr. Robinson sported his fishing shirt, and B her tournament T-shirt. Thank you to my friends that have donated items for this event. The Ronald McDonald house has a special place in our heart, no pun intended, since our ordeal with Kenley’s heart surgery at an out-of-town hospital. We utilized the facility which, at the time, allowed us to update family and friend’s on Kenley’s critical status. Family members could also utilize the RM suite, which was adjacent to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) so they could stay at the hospital with us, without staying on top of us. If you have an RMH in your area, and chances are that you do, this is a great organization to support. You don’t know how much you need it, until you are the parent of a hospitalized, sick child, in a strange town.


The float- taken from my iPhone… quality not so good.

Cheers to a great week!


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  1. 4' says

    Congrats Garrett! Exciting news for your family! Love your blog and your pictures :) You can get your baby fix with my new little guy Trent anytime you want….I am exhausted!


  2. 7' says

    We are so excited for you and your growing family!!!
    We will say a prayer for “uneventful” too. :)