Gardens and Guardian Angels

This weekend, for all tense and purposes, was perfect. What started out as relaxing, fun and rare- almost ended horribly this afternoon.

We went on a family golf cart ride after dinner, like we often do. This time, Britton wanted to ride her bike- and wear her new helmet that Nana and Gan got her at the YMCA yesterday. I reluctantly said yes- only because I am often too-over-protective parent. It’s nice to have the compliment of Mr. Robinson who understands that our children have to spread their wings if they are ever to learn to fly.

So off we went, Mr. Robinson, Kenley and myself in the golf cart- Britton pedaling like a champ in front of us. We could barely keep up- that girl can ride.

We made our way to the boat landing in our neighborhood which is a beautiful parcel of land, sloping down to the water, with canoes and picnic tables housed at the waters edge. Once we slowing started navigating our way down the landing, Mr. Robinson looked back to remind Britton to use her breaks. It was then that she started picking up speed, unable to control her bike on the black gravel below. And in that same second, her Dad and I both saw the large metal gate in her way- face level with Britton.


I hear my always-calm, ever-steady with the kids-husband yell, “Oh my God” as I try to jump out of the moving golf cart. I hear a bang but am too afraid to look.

All I can think is that her beautiful face, just hit a wide metal gate at an uncontrolled speed- how fast can I get to the house to get my cell phone and call 911? Can I run? Can I pick her up and carry her with me?

Mr. Robinson quickly stops and parks the golf cart, on a hill- on the gravel, with Kenley also stunned- and runs to us. She stands up, holds up and hands and says, “I’m okay! I’m okay. I’m okay.”

Thank you Lord.

That child has been blessed with the ability to think on her feet- just like the time she was on an uncontrolled galloping horse, calm under pressure.

When she realized she was gaining speed, she put her feet down instead of using the brakes, then on instinct held her elbows up to block the bar from hitting her face.

It must have hit the top of her helmet, so she fell off her bike with only a sore neck– and a fast beating heart.

Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord.

Just had to get that off my chest… maybe by tomorrow my heart will stop beating so fast.

In the meantime, she got back on the saddle– or this time, back on the seat, and rode her bike home.

On a much happier note- weekend #4 of beautiful weather in our slice of America.
Nana and Gan took the girls to the local YMCA for youth festivities- followed by a trip to the Circus (the local University has a circus each year). Tight rope walkers, clowns, cotton candy- you name it, we got it.
The girls had a blast. Thank you Nana and Gan!

My Cinderellas wanted to mop the whole house, so their evil stepmother (me) oversaw their chores but still wouldn’t let them go to the ball.

A bird has made her nest on our front porch. Britton drags out her chair every day to take a peak.

Our confederate Jasmine this time of year- is divine.  I pick some every day and place around the house. Including my car- an attempt to cover up the crushed goldfish and spilt juice odor.

She never gets tired of picking flower.

These two really got a chance to bond with me gone last weekend.

After Psalm Sunday today, we went to a local Plantation for an Old Fashioned Spring Party complete with picnic blankets, ice cream Sundays, cookies, lemonade, sac racing, and live music.

This is a week full of celebrations in our family.

Tuesday is Meme’s 85th birthday.
Wednesday is Mom’s 6xth birthday.
Thursday is our 10 year anniversary.
Friday is Good Friday.
Sunday, of course, is the resurrection of Christ.

Does it get any better than this?

Getting ready for the Egg Racing with her spoon. I think this child went through the ice cream Sunday line two, maybe even three times.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a perinatologist- some time of fancy screening they can do now. I am half holding up hope that he will give us an idea as to the sex of the baby- but not holding my breath altogether.

Here’s to a good (and Holy) week, and guardian angels.