Holla! We are back from a fun, fast-paced, shop filled, friend time in Hot-lanta.

Us girls hit Scott’s Antique Mall, TJ Maxx Home Goods, The Dump (yep, real place- not a public bathroom), my first Hobby Lobby experience, and several yummy restaurants along the way.

What more can a gal need out of a weekend?

See? I don’t make this stuff up.

We took my Godchild with us everywhere we went, and what a trooper her is. Not a peep out of this little fellow– and here I thought I had good babies….

Thumbs up to shopping!

Hotel Jordan… now I can picture where Aunt Coco lives. And it was like checking into a hotel- Erikka and I each had our own guest room, complete with monogrammed towels, private bathroom, TV. The only thing missing was the chocolate on our pillows during nightly turn down service.

My favorite may have been this Mexican dough bowl for $18. Yep, eighteen. I plan to fill it with moss/wicker balls and put it on my kitchen table.

I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Robinson’s lofty  pursuits, and ultimate execution of his activities with his girls. He took them to the coast, 9 miles offshore for some Grouper fishing with another buddy and his 5 year old. 2 men, 3 little girls, and nothing but sunshine and fish. Not so bad- gone are the days of Mr. Robinson sitting at home on the weekends when I am gone- growing a beard, and calling to see when I would be back.

Instead I got a phone call Friday morning from a peppy husband and two giddy children that had left for school early- after each child dressed herself- even Kenley who put a bow in her hair. I asked the girls why they never dress themselves (although Britton does) for me on school mornings- and K responded with, “because you’re not here”. Duh, silly me. Just drives home my point once again, there’s something special about Daddies and their little girls.

On to the next stop….

I bought these, several weeks ago, on a whim for B. If any girl I know can pull these off, it’s her. She loves her silver sequined tennis shoes and refuses to wear them to school on P.E. days afraid they may lose a sequin. That’s my girl.

I did miss this on my trip.

Any my backyard sunsets…

When I left it was 43 degrees, when I came back… only 48 hours later I found that Spring was gone and 85 degree weather had arrived to take its place.

This one here knows something is going on inside my body- she won’t leave my side. If I get off the bed to get water, so does Poochie. If I walk into the kitchen briefly, Poochie is trotting closely behind. If I am folding laundry, Poochie is laying on it looking intently into my eyes. Dogs are smart like that.

Britton’s second year of Piano lessons are winding down- while she needs constant bribery reminding to practice, I am torn as to whether or not to make her continue on.

On one hand, I want her to keep it up because most adults now wish they hadn’t quit their musical instrument as a child. But on the other, I can’t help but feel like Amy Chua from Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. This was Bookclub #1’s latest read, which takes the perspective of Chinese parenting where the parent’s don’t give children a choice, and are pushy and strict for the child’s benefit. I don’t want to be Amy Chua. 

But I don’t want B giving up something that takes such little time on her part.  Jury is still out….

I’ve always tried to correlate the number of after school activities with the grade of my child. For instance, Britton is in second grade this year, so she has 2 activities (horse riding and piano). Next year, she can take 3. And so on… Maybe I need to go read a book on Eastern parenting now, ha. Nah, I wouldn’t pay any attention to what anyone else said anyway.