Little Treasures

First… Yuck, yuck, yuck. I will be thrilled, and blessed, to have this first trimester behind me. Not sure when the first trimester is over— but it has to been soon. At least that is what I am going to keep telling myself. Maybe I will look it up in my pregnancy book from 2002.
Second, found this antique bench on my trip this weekend. Cannot wait to recover in something fun – with some added fringe for pizazz. Animal print? Damask? Plaid? Floral? Oh, the decisions…

Ignore the blurry, overexposed photo…. the family room gets zero natural light making it loads of fun to try to get a clean photo.

Mr. Robinson wasn’t too happy when I snuck my second round of purchases into the house, no thanks to B ratting me out. I was quick to point out that the stool cost only $25. At that point, he loved it and thought we should leave the 10 year old stained fabric that is currently on the stool. Let me know think about that for a minute. Um?? No!

And this little piece from a nice little french dealer. I am a sucker for French decor and had originally looked at a couple of coffee tables that I could have glass cut for. Smart Aunt Coco was quick to point out that we don’t need a (second) glass coffee table so I opted for the already upholstered table. Don’t mind the burlap sac that is temporarily covering the piece- I made my first trip to the fabric store today looking for the perfect print to cover this little boogar in.

Speaking of fabric— and French— saw this and thought it would be perfect for either recovering a seat, stool or making a pillow. It’s 100% European linen, so for $15/yard a girl’s gotta get just one little measly yard. I love you Mr. Robinson if you are reading, and I know you are.

Maybe a little girl’s nursery? Just sayin’…..

I have no idea what it says, but I think it’s purty.

Oh- and the Hobby Lobby did me right with these what-cha-ma-call-its for $6.99. Don’t know what they are called but with super tall ceilings it can work year round in our family room.

Okay… so I also love Florentine. Florentine is hand-painted by Italian artisans following the old traditional methods and handcrafted in Florence, Italy. Mmm, mmmm good.

That’s all I have to say about that.