Pleasing God

Happy Birthday Pops!

We celebrated with a delicious homemade Mexican dish, vanilla Coconut cupcakes, and lots of little granddaugthers playing throughout their house.

My oldest child just adores her first, and only, cousin.

Britton’s face radiates love in this photograph– you can’t fake that.

In the world of high tech, wouldn’t you know “there’s an app for that” for week-by-week pregnancy information. Britton, of course found it on my iPhone, and is now mesmerized by it. She shoots out facts left and right.

“The baby has eye lids this week”
“The baby is kicking, but you can’t feel it yet.”
“Next week, it will be the size of a lemon.”

She knew the baby, at week 10, is the size of a kumquat. Sassy and Pops just so happen to have a kumquat tree on their terrace- so off she went to pick one to show everyone a life size comparison of, what she truly believes, is her baby brother.

Nothing to make me feel fat large, like a real life comparison of how big the baby is (size of a kumquat) versus the size of my quickly growing stomach. I know, I know- embrace it. It won’t last forever- I am temporarily turning my body over to something bigger than my self… and I am trying to embrace this last horrah. Really, I am. But I have about decided that until I get off this 3x day progesterone medication, I am staying off the scales. (And eating lots of carbs- of course)

True to her 12 hours, in 12 weeks schedule- this baby feel fast asleep by 6:30. I must say, being a big Babywise believer, I doubted this type of every-4 hour feeding schedule. But it works.

Another notable, proven tactic is the Pleasing God jar that we use consistently in our home. I read about this idea in one of the Christian-based parenting books called Creative Correction a couple years ago. The premise of the book is to teach children to make good choices, based on their heart, and to really understand these choices.

For instance, if a child says hurtful words to a sibling- a parent’s first reaction is to tell them that it’s wrong to say that, and ask the child to apologize.

This book, however, takes it a step further, by really teaching the child the impact of choices. The author, suggests taking the child outside to watch you (if young) hammer a small nail into a fence. You then ask the child to pull the nail out. The nail comes out, but leaves a hole in the fence- just like words leave a hole on someones heart.

Likewise, when they make random, free-will good heart-based choices that please GOD, they get a treat from the Pleasing God jar.  My kids dig it.

The “prizes” in the jar are simple, free.

Dessert with Dinner tonight!
You pick next moving for family movie night!
No piano practice free pass!

You can get creative and use whatever fits you kids and family, but anyway. I thought this was good an adapted it a couple years back and plan to continue to use it. It works.

And last, wanted to introduce the latest member of our family- Honey, Kenley’s Happy Hair Buddy. It’s the equivalent of a chia pet and she loves to water it, and watch the hair grow.

Cha, cha, cha, chia!

Tomorrow, I am off to Atlanta to visit friends and have a little R&R. It’s been 16 months since I went anywhere without my girls or Mr. Robinson, so I am going to pack my bags like a big girl, and enjoying some time with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Who knows, we may even get to squeeze in a little shopping….