Sonoma and San Fran


Holy Toledo.

What a blast we had celebrating our 10 year anniversary this past week. We visited San Francisco, Salsilito and Sonoma in California. It truly felt like a second honeymoon. The girls were safe and sound with their Sassy and Pops, Poochie had a week long slumber party with friends, which left Mr. Robinson and I some time for R&R, California style.

We did the total tourist thing, open tour bus, camera hanging around my neck.. Who cares? San Fran is a bustling, historic city with beautiful buildings, fantastic restaurants hidden amongst the little neighborhoods, and cable cars rolling down hilly streets at every corner.

And shopping- like, the “real”? stores: Coco Chanel (I didn’t even know they had actual stores), Gucci, Williams Sonoma, Tiffany, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton- all sitting around our hotel block which sat on Union Square.

Fishermans Wharf is on a Pier overlooking the Pacific with fried donought holes, the ol’ automatic fortune tellers in glass cases, souveniour stores, and a plethora of seafood restaurants.

We stayed at the historic Westin Saint Francis on Union Sqaure- which was the first building on the square originally.

Had to take a little rest with all the fun…. I love that we had to wear coats, and still were cold… In APRIL.

We made the mistake of getting off at China town- I imagined it differently in my mind. Not the best place to be with a case of morning sickness – the dried blowfish aligning store fronts didn’t help.

Yep, we were that couple that asked strangers to take our photo. It’s the Golden Gate for crying out loud- we had to.

The seals like to hang out on the Pier- fun for  Florida gal to see. Just chillin’

Then we left San Fran, drove over the Golden Gate (below), and headed towards stop #2.


With vineyard after vineyard… grape upon grape.

 Many more photos to come… but for now it’ off to bed. We got home at 3:00 am this morning after a two hour delayed flight. We left CA yesterday morning at 8:00 am PST and got home at 3:00 am EST. Wow, it’s a hike getting back to the East Coast… but oh so worth it.

Nighty night.


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