Memorable Weekend

We had one of the most relaxing family vacys to date. In our little sleepy fishing town on the Gulf- with 5 kids to boot. And that’s without a sip o’ alcohol too. Yep, laid back, good weather, family friends, boats, beach towels, iPod, 300 juice boxes and ice cold Root Beer.

Big Daddy let his little girls ride in the back of the truck around the shrimping boats. Much to my chagrin, but once again, he is good at getting this over-the-top-worried Mama to chilax a bi when it comes to child rearin’.

Kenley’s last day of preschool. Tear.

Poochie the Hoochie Mama is a true sport. I mean really, is that a ballerina costume? I think it came from their build a bear trip with Nana.

Sandbox or white beach sand, this girl doesn’t care. Shovel or no shovel? Does it really matter. One can get creative and bloom anywhere they are planted. Or something like that…

Brackin is about the easiest going 18 month-old out there. He can go from boat, to beach to pool and hang all day. Of the 5 kids (all under the age of 7) that were with us the past 5 days, he was the easiest.

Nothing says summertime better than slice, cold, red watermelon. Seriously, is there any better fruit?

Before I hear anything from my Mom, that is with a 50 sunblock on – reapplied throughout the day.

Mr. Robinson showed off his artistic skills with an artful demonstration of a Snapper.

18 weeks.. or as I count.. 22 weeks to go.
19 weeks today.. and we are down to 21 weeks and counting!

Today marks day #1 of Robinson Girls summer camp. We have made beds, gotten dressed, read our Bible devotions, completed our daily craft projects (beaded bracelets and the scrapbooks). Whew, I am beat.

More later…..

Making Time for God

Bible Blessings for Bedtime by Linda Carlblom

This book has proven to be a great nighttime ritual with Miss B. She reads the verse {practicing the pronunciation of the various books}, I read the story, and we say the prayer together.  Britton has really taken a liking to our routine and asks me to “quiz” her about the lesson each night. And “not the easy questions either Mommy. Make me think.”

Today’s lesson was from the book of Corinthians. It was about the dangers of being a Yes-Man. Saying yes to anything people ask you to do, even the wrong thing. The only time it is good to be a Yes Man, is when God asks you to do something. Jesus always said yes to whatever God asked him to do- treating parents well, being a good friend, and spending time with God.

I found it on Amazon earlier this year- it stays on her bedside table with her little handmade bookmark so we don’t forget. Not that we would- if nothing else gets accomplished tomorrow, my date with Britton and God is far more important.

Getting Crafty

With 3 months of summer, and two little girls that would love to spend 8 hours a day watching TV or playing computer games, I’ve really had to put my thinking cap on.

It’s easy for me to get busy messing around this house, while one hour turns to two, and they are still watching the latest Disney Channel movie in the family room. Well, not for long.  Mama’s got a game plan.

Believe it or not, I have done a little think-ahead to come up with a list of daily activities for us- including built in craft time. B&K love doing crafts- and sadly, still ask me when am I going to make homemade play dough again. So… I have found about 15 crafts from a great website, should last us 3 weeks, and plan to head to Michael’s for the second time this week to finish out my ‘school supply’ shopping list.

1. Make your own bath salts (science)
2. Paper plate Ring toss (recycle project)
3. Cut and Tear collage (shapes)
4. Underwater I spy alphabet bottle (recycle project)
5. Cut out klimt-inspired shapes (art history)
6. Craft a felt flower bouquet (fabric project)
7. Make a self portrait from nature (painting and drawing)
8. Make a Dr. Seuss book with nonsense creatures (painting and drawing)
9. Cartoon storytelling (building sentences)
10. Shadow art (fine motor skills)
11. Create a vinn diagram creature (vocabulary)

12. “Dressed Up” Father’s Day Card
13. Make Your own puzzle
14. Make and Alphabet Memory Game
15. Make a paper chain calendar (time)

This is definitely out of my Type A comfort zone, but a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s gotta do.

Among my list of remaining supplies are:

Colored construction paper

Glue stick
Paper plates
Epsom salt
Sequins or anything small and sparkly
Alphabet beads
Corn syrup
1 8×10 sheet of silver paper
1 8×10 sheet of gold paper
(3) piece poster board paper
78 blank index cards
They aren’t too lofty of a pursuit, most are quite simple and require few supplies. Just like my favorite cookbook recipes. Would hate to wander too far away from my Type A love-to-have-everything-in-its-place self.
In addition to crafts, my plan is to build in a daily devotional, chores, gardening {ie- help me water the plants}, book club {Britty is self designated leader}, school worksheets {they love these}, cooking class {helping with dinner, baking}, activity {swimming, camp, movies, field trip, museum, etc), and allotted time for television.
I think my girls will love having the structure and activities throughout the 110 degree dog days of summer.

Sand in Our Toes.. Part 2

Can’t wait to go back to this island again soon… We now have 4 days of school left. I can smell summer’ salt air and thick humidity.

This little girl that sat in the rocking chair as an 18 month old, scared of people touching her, shortly after open heart surgery– she now stands tall, lean, healthy as a kindergartner.

A kindergartener.

And this one. This one just learned how to grab a toy, hold a bottle, write her name, make a friend, tee tee on the potty. Surely, third grade is not around the corner for her.

3rd grade.

This about sums me up these days… pathetic or awesome? You decide.

Britton made a friend on the island- his name is Tank. How cute is that?

She may be almost a third grader, but never too old to dig in the sand. That’s what I love about this kid.
One minute, she tells me that the gentleman that discovered Justin Beiber on YouTube doesn’t get nearly the credit her deserves. In the next minute, she is playing Barbies with her little sister. She can go both ways. One foot into the older elementary style stepping stone, and another, still firmly on the little girl area.  Stay that way, always. Please.

Chasing the boys, even if it is her favorite boy.

So daring, riding on the bow of the boat. Spreading those wings. Keep spreading them girls.

So long as I can sit three feet behind you, in case I need to catch you.

Sand in Our Toes… Part 1

Laid back Saturday on our little island.

Hermet crabs, pinfish, blue crabs, Mackeral, Zac Brown Band, Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips, sandcastles, cast nets and sunscreen. Oh, did I mention sunshine and friend? Perfect indegrediets for a superb Saturday.

The crab master.

Our water taxi.

As I woke up Kenley this morning, she stretched her arms and legs in her leopard nightgown, let out a big yawn and rubbed the sleep from her blue eyes. I asked her, “Did you have any good dreams last night?”

She responded, “I slept without Floppy (her bunny- who had fallen onto the floor beside her). What do you think?”

Hold on girls… it’s going to be a short and sweet week.

More to come…