And the Winner Is….

Hmmm, let me guess…..

Mr. Robinson now owns an 8 week old, female English Cocker by the name of Tucker Mae.
More on that later.. ’tis 10:17 pm and my time to relax.
He met the owner after Miss Thing’s piano recital last night. My little purple lady chose her violet, velveteen dress from an old dress up closet at Sassy and Pop’s house. She brought it to me, with big, excited eyes and asked me if I thought it would be pretty for the upcoming piano recital.
Now everyone knows I am a little uptight funny about the kinds of clothes I like my girls to wear, think handmade Anthropologie meets kids-Ann Taylor- so I smiled and told her it would be “absolutely perfect”.
Britton then asked if it looked to “dress up like” and I assured her it did not.

At the beginning of the recital, in front of a room full of spectators, her piano teacher told an “anonymous” story of a student. It went something like this.

“I had a student abut 7 years old- that told me I was the best teacher she has ever had. This was quite a compliment and I told her that she was a good student. She then looked at me, and said ‘you will make a good Daddy one day. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

What’s even funnier, is her piano teacher and I share the same birthday- same year- and he is single with no kids. That kid has some spunk in her step fo’ sure.

The fluorescent Wally world flowers that Mr. Robinson bought her, turned the water dark blue. Only at the Wal-mart.
The Florida State University School of Music building where she performed was named after Britton’s great grandfather (my paternal grandfather).

Nana was the first to arrive, and the last to leave the performance. She and I quite enjoyed the music- all 21 players. Some were quite good.

Tomorrow we are having a golf- themed first birthday party for my God son Downing Should be fun!