Dawg Days Round Here

So there you have it- Dimples and Daydreams it is.

The URL will remain www.robinsongirls.blogspot.com however you will notice that the title and header have been changed to make room for this quiet little baby boy. I must say, he seems pretty well behaved so far, with only a little twist or turn here and there. At 19 weeks, I am sure this too shall change and I will have my remote control balanced on my tummy, waiting for the little foot to kick it off. For now, I am enjoying feeling good again and being only moderately large and in charge.

Oh my goodness, let’s talk crafts. Day #3 of our Martha Stewart camp continues. Today- sun catchers. The girls dig ‘em. We even broke out the tweezers to get them just right- baked our brightly decorated horse and puppy at 375 degrees for 25 minutes and now have quite the display of light for .99 cents.

I thought Mama Bear should partake in crafts today as well, so I heated up my glue gun and made my moss covered styrafoam balls for my bread bowl. It turned out just like the tutorial

Yesterday, they made beaded friendship bracelets and necklaces. Britton spent 45 minutes organizing the beds in her plastic box. Might she have a tad of Type A in her DNA after all?

Damn those Dawg Days
Mr. Robinson has wanted a “bird” dog for a long time. We joked, at least I thought it was a joke, that if we have another baby, he could get a dog. Well, knocked up Garrett now has to, supposedly, keep her end of the bargain. I even went with him and the girls to look at some 7 week old puppies last night. It’s like an out of body experience- I mean really. Two children, home for the next 3 months, a 4 pound puppy, and pregnant me to boot. Could I make myself any crazier? Let’s face it, I am the one to feeds Poochie, takes her to the bathroom, bathes her, feeds her, grooms her, takes her to the vet. Dogs are a huge responsibility and I just pray that this is something that the hubster really, really wants. If he can take 100% initiative of a 30 pound female English Cocker that requires daily exercise (did I mention it was 103 degrees here yesterday?)- then I say go for it. Just remember, big dogs = big poops.

With the two girls, a newborn, Poochie, and a new puppy, he may just be trading in his wife’s sanity for this puppy- I hope he knows what he is doing.

To be continued.

In the meantime, the dog at Britton’s barn had 6 puppies a couple of weeks ago. She has “adopted” a black female puppy that has yet to walk, and will be keeping the little love at the barn. How ingenious is that?

She named her puppy Sleeping Beauty.

Charlie, below, is the Daddy. He is Aunt Sara Britton’s nephew.

Keep your fingers crossed the the sanity wins out!