Family Reunion

We’ve spent the last couple days at my annual “Family Reunion” on the Gulf coast. My Dad was one of eight children and every summer, for the past, 35 years, he and his siblings meet at their childhood summer cottage for a week of rocking in chairs, salt air, sweet tea and long talks.

It started when we were little, growing up with all my 20 cousins- and now, there is a third generation (2nd cousins) in attendance ranging in ages from 11 years old to 5 months, and we are now the adults/parents. Talk about a true, full circle.

Jillian (my first cousin), Britton, Kenley, Saylor (my cousin’s daughter) and Garrett (my cousins daughter)

Guess who finally decided to swim… swim.. and swim some more. So happy I just signed her up for a month’s worth of private swimming lessons. As you can see, she is fearless suddenly.

Kenley and her 2nd cousin Miller-same age- hit it off immediately. They both like Barbies and the Dollar General.

Britton’s end of the year report card was mailed to us this week. The child got all E’s! Surprisingly, she was quick to point out she got one “E minus”. Seriously? Dude, I never got all E’s. I was a B+ kind of gal and proud of it. At any rate, I told  how proud we were,and asked her to choose a prize for such great week. An iPod maybe? A new DSi game perhaps?
Guess what she wanted…
A tackle box.
So Mr. Robinson took her to the Wal-mart where he outfitted her with a real tackle box, complete with stocked, labeled plastic boxes. She’s had a blast at the beach casting her rod, waiting on those fish to bite.
Daddy’s girl, no doubt.

This one here insists on wearing not just her mask, but new snorkel and fins as well.. at the pool.
It’s safe to say we’ve found our summer groove and happy to coast along this week for a while longer.